Friday, October 27, 2017

The Seduction of Art

Yes it says the Seduction of Art..
If you mistakenly are here because you thought it said the Art of Seduction well I can't say wether or not I could personally help you there but Google is a most wonderous and useful tool ;) or you could just be yourself that in itself is the most pleasurable form of Seduction!!

However if your here because you wonder What in the world is she talking about? What is so seducing about art? Then my friend let's go on a magical journey .. One that resides in the depths of an artists soul, one that resonates in their work, one that reflects the passions of life, love, and the arts, and how it pulls you in!!!

Have you ever sat and watched Dancing With the stars? That moment of intensity between the dancers as their bodies sway to the music, every movement an art form of their bodies, the deep connection as they move as one, that magic moment when you feel that connection within yourself, when it makes you feel? Hits on a deep rooted part of yourself, and for those few minutes in that moment takes you on a journey?

Or maybe you find yourself completely taken with a painting, or perhaps a picture.. That moment when you realize your heart echos the exact feeling as the original artist? A painting that hits you with such profound emotion that it's as if you have become one with the artist, that maybe you have traveled to another time and place!!

Let's say your at a Festival and you find yourself walking down the isle, checking out the amazing works, and then out of no where your eye catches on something, and your palms begin to sweat, your heart rate accelerates, your emotions twist, butterflies begin to beat rapidly in your belly, and you didn't realize you were holding your breathe until the very moment you are standing in front of that piece and finally release it, and are able to breathe again!!

Perusing the yard sales, thrift stores , estate sales, and you pick up a piece of pottery, and for some unknown reason that you can't figure out that one piece discarded and left to anyone means more to you than you realize and you simply must have it, you get home and really look at it, maybe you notice finger prints, and begin to imagine the artists hands spinning the pottery wheel, the glaze pulls you in and makes you reflect on life, on your emotions, maybe every time you look at it, touch it you can feel the energy and warmth still within...

Perhaps it's a beautiful warm sunny morning, and you head to your local coffee shop, you know the one where the coffee is a special blend of magic, poured into a cup, you then decide to take it outside and allow the sun to warm your face as you close your eyes and savor the exstacy    the moment that first sip touches your lips and you can't withhold that "ahhhhhhh" afterwards.. your left wondering how someone could have blended such incredible perfection...

The wedding you attended last weekend, such a romantic affair to watch the people you care about promise to love another for life. That moment you share in that joyous occasion leaves you in baffled wonderment. And yet a week later you can't forget the taste of the cake that you shared in, the flavors bursting on your tongue like a wave rolling in from the shore, the way it was so beautifully created, with it's handmade edible rosettes, it's beaded candy that looked like real gold, the fondant perfectly wrapped around that mixture of heaven, and you wonder how the baker could have been born with such a skill...

Could it be that moment you were scrolling thru Facebook and  stopped on a photograph of the most amazing piece of handmade jewelry you have ever seen? The colors, the lines, all beautiful but it's the connection, the meaning that hits you so squarely in the chest , that tears form on the tips of your eyelashes, memories assault you, you don't know wether to feel happy or sad in that moment , you only know you feel at peace, your hands touch the screen and you find your fingers stroking lovingly over it, your pulse  a maddening musical beat, your suspended in that moment...

Could it be , the music you hear amongst the wind, drawn to it so fiercely, your confused to find it's just a windchime, made of recycled utensils, a vintage plate, and old crystals , and yet you can't walk away from it, it's music grips your throat, shrouds itself in your essence, pulls at your heartstrings and leaves you completely breathless...

Such simplicity in every one of those scenarios.  But Art is a Seduction, it seduces your senses, emotions, memories, it rattles the very core of your soul. It makes you feel even when it's messy, even when it's dark!! It draws you in so completely your drowning within it, your left wondering about the artist ,about the story with which they have told. Your wondering how this small wonder of life can change you,can open your mind, can allow you to see things from another perspective but it's there nonetheless...

If you have ever felt any of those things then you know exactly what I'm speaking of..

If you have never felt those things well don't worry it's coming.. open your mind, allow yourself to feel, even when it's painful, or sad. Especially so when it's happy and full of excitement. ..

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Innovative Beads Spring Expo 4/2017 My PRE POST


It's been awhile friends... Life has once again happened and I have once again become a bad and neglectful parent to my Beadwench Blogs!!!

So let's kick this off with some exciting news!!! Today I'm going to talk to you about the Innovative Beads Spring Expo coming to The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks PA April 7th, 8th , & 9th!! That's literally only 12 days away!!!

So The Beadwench has never been to an Innovative Beads Expo before!! So this year I have the amazing opportunity to get a PRESS BADGE!! Fancy right!!! What does this mean?? Well it means the delightful and amazingly awesome Seritha (who's name I'm more than likely spelling wrong) who runs this amazing expo has allowed me The Beadwench to attend the EXPO and BROADCAST LIVE FROM THE EXPO TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!! So not only will I be getting a first hand experience many of you will be able to take a tour with me!!! So I do hope you'll join me Saturday April 8th 2017 starting at 11:00am... while we tour the Innovative Bead Expo together and you can get an inside look.

This show is by far their largest Innovative Beads Expo yet!! The do have regional shows nearly each weekend in many different areas. For more information or to see if they are in an area closer to you please visit  for more up to date information!!
There are amazing classes being offered as well... Please check the website for more information on what types of classes, teachers, and class prices!!!

I know form my travels each year to Beadfest and other bead events that the #1 concern for those not local is whether or not an EXPO is worth the travel time & costs... So I'm going to shop on a budget myself and see how it goes!!!

I am so excited to be able to take part in this exciting event.. Let me just say that there will be door prize giveaways each day of the 3 day event and every hour!!!! WHAT!!!!!!! Yes you heard me right!! This information is directly from their website

How amazing is that!!!

Not only will there be door prizes every hour on the hour but be sure to stop by and check out the DESIGNERS DUG OUT!! I see many familiar  names on that list!!!! I also know I'll be stopping in the Designer's Dug Out to do some free demos as well myself!!1
There is an amazing list of freaking amazing exhibitors... TOO name a few of my favorites:

2 Bead Sisters
Marsha Neal Studio
Africa Gems
Metalliferous Inc
Kabela Designs
Priscilla Marban
Cherry Tree Beads
Clasp On Clasp Off
Jennie Davies Reazor

Just too name a few and so many more!!!

This event is not as large as some bead shows but this is the LARGEST event for Innovative Beads Expo. Their regional shows are smaller more intimate events, perfect for those that get overwhelmed or have trouble with their legs etc..  Each Expo is jam-packed with amazing exhibitors that bring you top quality beading and jewelry supplies!!!

The Innovative Bead expo is open to wholesalers and retail shoppers... As always here are some helpful tips to know before heading to the Innovative Bead Expo..

1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing!!
2.  Hand sanitizer if your BFF!! You'll be touching lots n lots of beads so keep your hands clean!!
3. Bring a bottle of water and a light snack such as a protein bar, small bag of pretzels etc As long as it's light to carry..
4.  Either a comfortable shoulder tote, backpack, or small roller bag for storing your goodies!!
5. Cash & Debit/Credit Cards, Photo ID, Wholesale License/Tax forms etc
6. Tylenol!! Believe it or not often times the noise from the crowd, the lighting, and the adrenaline rush you will experience can often lead to headaches (minor ones) or for general aches from your knees etc!! It happens mot of us are older ya know!!
7. Small notebook/post it notes3x5 cards etc & a writing implement!! More times than not I find some amazing gemstone that isn't tagged and I can't recall the name of months later when I'm using it in a design!! So I've been writing it down and adding it to the bag the item is in so I know what the name/price/vendor of the item is . This isn't something everyone does but if your like me you'll want to bring these items :)
8. Your amazing smile, sense of adventure, and your imagination and creativity!!
9. Last but NOT  least general admission is $4.00 at the door.. Pay via their website and save some money :)

This is an event where you can let your inhibitions run wild!!! (okay we don't want to see anyone running the isles in the buff so please let's not get THAT wild!!!) Get out, meet some other amazing artists, & try something new!!!

Have an open mind, there are NO I CAN'Ts only CAN DO's !!!! There are NO RULES in jewelry... Get as creative and wild as you please... Mix up some mediums and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

If your attending this event please feel free to find The Beadwench aka ME!! and come say hello, let's take a picture for my POST EXPO BLOG, I love to meet new people especially those that I chat with often on social media!!!

If your not In my FACEBOOK group The Beadwench's Bench please go join HERE so you can join me LIVE :

Until then " Be Fierce in Your Authenticity" _ The Beadwench!!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Traveling Beadwench

Who is ready to join me the Beadwench on an adventure of epic proportions??
This crazy expedition will be sort of like a "Flat Stanley" project. Except The Traveling Beadwenches mission is to travel all over the United States to different artists. While visiting, participating artists will be required to feed the Beadwench with knowledge of their particular craft, show her around their area if they can, The Beadwench as you all know is a fun, loving, adventure seeker, so the crazier the better :)

To Participate in this awesome event THE TRAVELING BEADWENCH here are just a few rules to keep in mind:

-Shipping is required to send to the next person in line.. All participants must pay 3.00 for First Class US shipping to me the Beadwenchh via Paypal or Square. Shipping fees must be paid in full 48 hours before your she is due to leave her current location. I will then send the shipping fee off to the artist who currently has her... Currently open only to residents of the USA... however if your international and want to pay the shipping fee please send me an email and we can work it out!!!

- You may only keep the Beadwench for 3 days, more if there is a special place you want her to visit before sending her off to her next destination... please email me to make arrangements for more than 3 day visit..

- You must email me either during the stay or after with your  "travel journal" and lots of pictures

- The Beadwench is pretty laid back, she loves to cook and enjoys new recipes, hanging out with friends and family, meeting new people, dancing, shenanigans, and creating art... really anything

- Most importantly The Traveling Beadwench wants to introduce  you the world at large, so be sure to have her help with an art project of any kind and journal log it and take pics.... Let her get to know you as an artist... ( feel free to send any trinkets or goodies back to her home location if you would like to, its not required but some people like to send mementos, so email me for my shipping address if you need it)

- Take lots of photos, we love photos :)
- Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!

If you think you'd like to join  in and have the Beadwench visit please email me directly at
subject line: The Traveling Beadwench Sign up

So who is crazy enough to show the Beadwench a good time??????

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beadwench Happenings!!!

I can not believe it is already January 22nd!!! Where has the New Year gone?

So with the New Year some changes have been made as well. As many of you may or may not be aware I am no longer an admin in any Facebook groups... okay one for the SRAJD Destash group but that's it. I took a retirement from it all, and decided it's time to pursue my dreams, reach some goals, have less stress, complications, and more time to create, learn, and grow.

I no longer post on the Maiden Designs Studio Facebook page, as Facebook likes to hide posts from anyone seeing them unless we pay for boosting which I and many others refuse to do.

My main Facebook page is where you can find me , my ramblings, designs for sale, show information when I have one going on, my LIVE broadcasts will be coming back soon, loaded with fun tutorials and some give aways... 

I just submitted 5 class proposals to teach classes at BEADFEST Oaks PA 2017 and am anxiously awaiting to hear back once they have their decisions. It's so exciting, and even if I don't get accepted I'm okay with it. I didn't have much time to prepare and three of those five were last minute things so we shall see what happens, there is always next year.

Now comes some  fun  stuff. I have joined up for the BEAD PEEPS 3rd Annual HOP N SWAP hosted by Linda Anderson. This year has an incredible turn out. If you would like to follow this fun filled swap n hop please be sure to head over to and join the group. Alot of amazing artists are aired together, there are some fun new twists, and surprises.
With that being said this blog post will be used for me to answer some questions so that I can be paired with another artist so here goes...

1. My favorite things to work with are wire mostly copper, metal sheet, metal blanks, artisan beads, or components, chain, anything odd. I love a challenge, I love bold color pallets, I'm a mixed media queen and love that area.

2. My least favorite things are seed beads, acrylic, plastic, glass beads and the like.

Now for my new partner here is just some info you should know about  me....

Hi I'm Betony Maiden of Maiden Designs Studio aka The Beadwench.

I've been creating jewelry for 10 years, I'm a mom to 3 kids, 2 furbabies, a wife of 16 years. I've been an admin in over 20 jewelry groups, I love to have fun, I'm sarcastic, sassy, sweet, fun loving, down to earth, and am very passionate about my work and the people in the jewelry community.  I have a ton of blogs that you can learn more about me in, as well as my personal Facebook page. Let's see I've been featured in many blogs over the years, a few publications, I'm registered nationally with the SRAJD : self representing artist in jewelry design.. proud member #3896!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Beadwenches Presents......

So who here enjoy's Facebook?? Well among my busy day to day life just like many other's,  I am on Facebook quite often. Being a jewelry artist and part of an amazing online comunity of other artists, as well as running a business, online shows, and general catch up with friends and family. Amongst all the updates, memes, pictures,  and news... there is a new world that Facebook has given to us....


FACEBOOK LIVE was originally intended to only be used by celebrities, popular speakers, etc. However it gained so much popularity that it opened the door for so many people. Myself included... the days before FB LIVE I used to have to prerecord videos, then post them to youtube, share them on my FB page, and then answer questions one by one...

With FB LIVE it makes it so much easier to be able to show LIVE tutorials, as well as watch other FB LIVE broadcasts... and believe me there are soooooo many....

I've decided to compile a list of my favorite Facebook LIVE broadcasts. These can be watched anytime even  if your unable to watch while it's LIVE, you can go back later and watch it!!!

So without further ado here are my favorites so far...

1. Candie Copper- Candie is a jewelry designer and crafter, she is the author of various printed jewelry books. She has taught classes for many years all over the world. Currently she can be found LIVE each day @ 2:00pm EDT.
Her LIVES are perfect for beginner jewelry artist as she shows you many amazing techniques, in a fun fresh style. She can often be found using amazing beads, and components from her sponsors such as Jesse James Beads, Beadalon, Leather Cord USA, Sizzix and many more...
I've had the pleasure to both meet Candie and take one of her classes this past year at Beadfest in Oaks PA.
Her Facebook LIVES are a must see, she is super sweet, and hilarious to boot. You won't want to miss her fun filled, jewelry design packed LIVE shows

You can find her on Facebook @

2. Brenda Schweder- Brenda of Brenda Schweder Jewelry , goddess ,and creator of the NOW THAT'S A JIG & NOW THAT'S A PLIER is an amazing jewelry artist, Brenda has been to various bead and trade shows, as well as TV appearences, she is an author, teacher, and columnist. Brenda is also an amazing friend :) Her NOW THAT'S A JIG is an amazing tool for jewelry designers and her FB LIVE teaches you how to use it, new designs, and techniques. I own a NTAJ and it's the best investment I've ever made. Her LIVES are full of so much fun because Brenda is so much fun you just never know what she will do. She inspires everyone who watches. If your a wire wrangler, or someone interested in working with wire and incorporating other types of items, then you definitely want to check her out. .. She also shows many wonderful tips, tricks, and techniques on everything you need to know about working with wire.

Her FB LIVE is usually on different days and times. Please head over to her Facebook page to follow along I promise you won't regret it.

Her link is

3. Judy Menting- Judy is a self proclaimed jewelry artist with an amazing eye for design. She is designer of the DANCING TEACUP ALPHABET, used with the Now That's A Jig, Judy is an intelligent, sweet, funny, woman who captures our attention with her eye for detail and really teaches you how to use the NTAJ... she is currently teaching how to create different style earwires on the jig.

You can  catch her Facebook LIVE daily @4:00pm CST at

4. Heather Powers of Humblebeads- I can't even begin to describe this fun, passionate woman, Heather is the owner of Humblebeads, an amazing artist, author, and teacher. Each Wednesday she does BEAD TABLE WEDNESDAY where you can get up close and personal with her amazing designs that any level of jewelry artist can accomplish.  Heather is known widely for her Polymer clay beads, and I can definitely say they are amazingly beautiful.... Heather is the brain behind the ART BEAD SCENE as well, they have monthly color challenges,  she recently had a MUFFIN TIN CHALLENGE... Heather is the author of some incredibly amazing books that sell out fast. She hosts an annual BEAD CRUISE, her FB LIVES will show you so many types of techniques, styles, and tips.

You can catch her here every Wednesday @ 2:00pm EDT

5. BEADSHOP.COM- I can usually find Kate Ferrant Richbourg teaming up with this crew. has a mission statement to guide you to create unique jewelry, a personal learning and shopping experience, an experience that gives beaded at every skill level the confidence and knowledge to create sundance-imspired jewelry (taken direct from their FB page) Their FB LIVES are perfect for all levels of jewelry designers. Fun filled and jam packed with amazing info...

You can find BEADSHOP.COM FB LIVES Wednesdays at 10:30am PST please visit

Here are a few non jewelry related Facebook LIVE broadcasts that I like to watch for various reasons, but you can check them out at your leisure :)

Spaceships and Laserbeams- I generally catch the cooking LIVEs here, which are fully , especially if your a parent :) the LIVES are here n there but the page is full of awesome things

Life As A Rambling Red Head- this woman is simply freaking hilarious, however her LIVES are fun because she is spontaneous so I never know what she is gonna do, you can find fun , and humor here that are daily life of woman, mothers, and wives :)


Cat & Nat- These Canadian mom's are totally fun and crazy..  their FB LIVES are totally hilarious, these mom's have just grabbed what real parenting is like at every moment. You won't be dissapointed...


And that my fellow friends concludes this segment of THE BEADWENCH.... please feel free to comment below and leave links to your favorite FACEBOOK LIVE broadcasts!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Post BeadFest Summer Wrap up !!!!

So Beadfest Summer in Oaks PA came, saw, and conquered!!!

Normally when Beadfest comes I usually just go to shop and say hello. This year I decided to take a few classes... IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! Did you know students get their own entrance? A student Lounge area? and AWESOME stuffs!!! Well they do!! A lanyard, a pillow cushion (which I forgot), a ruler, and a awesome zipper tote full of coupons!!! This year I attended a "TAILGATE PARTY" hosted by the amazing Candie Cooper, Jesse James Beads, Dakota Stones, and Stars Clasps. Talk about coffee, connecting, donuts and deals. The deals were amazing I did great. Hung out, danced to some old school music, met some amazing online friends in person, got a goodie bag from Candie Cooper from Beadalon full of amazing jewelry components and even more coupons to use from those I mentioned above. The tailgate started art 8am and ended at 9:30am. Then we all headed into Beadfest.

My first class started at 11:30am with Candie Cooper and it was a Doodle & Paint jewelry class, we got these awesome wood pendants, some acrylic paints, and colored pencils, and went to town. I made a cutey little Angel fish. Candie is an amazing woman, so very sweet, and a great teacher, I was so glad to have finally met her in person, after months of seeing her LIVE facebook broadcasts daily @2:30pm... on her facebook page Candie Cooper.  Jesse James Beads supplied the gorgeous beads we used to create our necklaces with.
  Below is my fish!!!

After Candie's class I shopped the Jesse James Beads Booth
where I found more  beadie goodness.....  This includes the goodies I got at the Tailgate party as well!!!

I then went across the way to visit my friend Michelle McCarthy of Fire Fly Designs Studio, she makes the most amazing ceramic creations!! So of course I came home with a haul!!!

 The lovely and amazing Anne Gardanne of Gardanne Beads just happened to be right next to Michelle and of course I had to say hello, but Anne found me first apparently she is quite the "stalker" lol Anne has stunning enamels and I urge you to check them out. Here are the cuties I brought home..

 I then went down Artisan Alley and stopped by to meet the gorgeously talented Diane Hawkey, I wanted everything she had including her pot people but alas I brought home these lovelies.... Be sure to stop by and grab some of her amazing items truly works of Art!!

After visiting Diane and missing Marsha Neal, I made my way over to see Staci of and her gorgeous polymer clay creations, she never ceases to amaze me after some chit chat and a surprise I picked up this amazing butterfly baby she is related to Lucian. She is black & White. and her name has not been revealed to you all but will be soon enough!!!

After chatting with Staci, I walked along the isle and found Green Girl Studios I had the pleasure to meet Andrew Thornton and William Jones of Allegory Gallery they carry Green Girl Studio pieces in their Etsy Shop here  
It was great to meet them as I follow there challenges alot, so check them  out..... here are my goodies ... the fox and the famed luna moth.. I also ordered a few things from their etsy shop!!!

After I left Andrew thinking I was slightly on the crazy side (total lack of sleep + lack of coffee+heat+loads of walking = slightly scattered Betony) I made my way to the other side of Beadfest and found this adorable little booth called Tibet Inc I believe and I could be wrong, they had all types of amazing things going on. So I snagged this amazing key and two of these decorative large beads that are going to become pumpkin necklaces :)

Sunday my class with Kate Richbourg started at 12:30pm so I got there around 12pm. Kate's class was a simple stamped brass ring class that I learned how to do some stamping, annealing, patina, and so much more in. I loved it and Kate is simply amazing..... When I grow up I wanna be like Kate!!!  Here are the rings I made during her class

and here are the goodies I picked up in Kate's class to get me started on stamping and some soldering and riveting....

After Kate's class, I made my way to a new vendor at Beadfest this year TAYLORS FALLS BEAD STORE  located in Taylors Falls MN. Whom I met during Candie Cooper's "back seat beader" trip. I had the pleasure of speaking to Diane from TFB, if you were on during my LIVE Beadfest tour this is where I began, They carry an amazing selection of beady scrumptiousness,  including an impressive selection of rocks , recycled glass, and fossils. Cup chain, findings, and so much more. Their recycled glass is brought in from all over, tumbled, sanded, tumbled again , drilled with holes, and ready for use in jewelry design. The rock are found at Lake Superior by Jeff Plath the stores owner who then makes holes. Each item is just so amazing, so many colors, and textures. I brought home quite a haul, and I urge you to go check them out.... Let them know The Beadwench set ya!!!! or their FB page

After visiting TFB, I made my way over to visit the magnificent Jenny Davies Reazor an amazingly awesome clay artist. I could buy her entire table if I was able to. If you have not checked her out yet believe me you do not want to miss out.  Head over to !! I decided to go easy here and came home with this amazing face cabochon. I have never worked with a ceramic cabochon before and Jenny challenged me in a way that is awesome, I'm going to attempt a wire prong setting on this guy!!!! Thanks Jenny!!!

I then found PJ TOOLS & Impress Art... after Kate's class I wanted some items and a stamping set. I found alot of amazing Beadfest deals here.... and will be stamping away in no time!!!!

Down the isle a wee ways I found Sara Lukkonen of C-Koop Beads, who gave me some great pointers for riveting and where i picked up a gorgeous bright green enameled ring to use in an upcoming project....

I did get to visit with Marsha Neal of
Marsha has many amazing ceramic pieces to use in jewelry design, i love her rustic donuts and the glazes she uses are just stunning. I came home with some of her vibrant and strong silk ribbons as well as her amazing ceramic ring holder. She will have more of these coming to her Etsy shop in September and believe me your going to want one or 5 of them.....

Next was a visit to PARAWIRE.... one of my all time favorite places to visit...... If you head over to their facebook page let em know The Beadwench sent ya !!!!!

I picked up some copper metal sheet, a dimpling hammer, metal shears, a spool of raw copper wire, some antique bronze wire and one is twisted which I adore!!!!! LOVE ME SOME PARAWIRE

I also wanted to mention that during the Saturday "Tailgate" party I purchased an amazing variety of goodies from Dakota Stones. If you have never shopped with them before I am highly recommending you give it a whirl, their gemstones are absolutely stunning.....

I also picked up this awesome pair of really bent nose pliers from Xuron home of amazing tools for all kinds of stuffs

Last but most definitely not least is a package that I had been building up prior to Beadfest but was delivered at Beadfest. My amazing friend Candie Cooper often has items for use in jewelry making for sale in her Etsy Shop. Let me tell you this is not the first amazing package I have gotten from her and it won't be the last. The druzy is big honkin as she likes to say and absolutely stunning, the crystals are just freaking awesome, as is the picture jasper blab, the gemstone cut elephants, and my bracelet called over the moon that comes as a kit we put together.... STUNNING!!!! she has the most amazing items in her shop and well worth the purchase so head over and check out her Etsy shop!! (as a side note the colored pencils I purchased from Candie during my Beadfest class with her)

The bracelet kits are TO DIE FOR they are made using swarovski ravoli crystals, and a prong bracelet , she also sells the prong setting tools.  The sparkle is just freaking amazing!!!!!!! I want all the sparkly bracelets!!!!

So folks that concludes my shopping spree at Beadfest Summer 2016... not pictured here are some amazing items gifted to me from some friends, and a Polymer Clay oven from a friend.

I did not get the largest Beadfest selfie ever because well not many showed up but I do believe this is the longest Beadfest Blog!!!!

I met some amazing people this year, friends from out of state, one all the way from India. I met old friends too. Beadfest is our Happy place where the jewelry community comes together as one, where people understand your weirdness!!!! Here are some of the fabulous people I met and some I didnt get pictures of!!!
During Candie Coopers Class *photo credit to Candie Cooper*
During Kate Richbourg's Class *photo credit to Kate Richbourg*

Candie Cooper and I meeting for the first time in person!!
Michelle McCarthy of Fire Fly Design Studios
Anne Gardanne of Gardanne Beads
The Beadwench and The Beadhoarders, Robin Showstack and Lori Schnieder who came all the way from Boston!!! You can find their facebook group here 

Me at the end of the day looking quite frazzled but feeling so absolutely blessed to have all of these amazingly wonderful people in my life!!! Jewelry is & always will be my passion. So on that note my friends..... visit my wonderful artist friends above... try something new... leap into the unknown... create from your heart and soul.... and stay humble!!!!! ~ The Beadwench

Monday, August 8, 2016

Jesse James Beads Free Beads Program Part 2

Each month I am surprised with two gorgeous strands of Jesse James Beads . I am honored to be a participating jewelry designer in this program.  I never know what's going to arrive, though they do allow you to tell them your favorite colors , I have requested to be surprised each time.

I love challenges!! Most of you reading this who know me would probably giggle thinking that this isn't much of a challenge for me. I started out a bead stringer and have grown into any mediums my favorite being wire and metal work. However this was actually quite a challenge for me. You see since I picked up wore a few years ago, I haven't strung beads since. I actually forgot how much I enjoy the design process and the final look of a strung bead necklace.

I wanted this necklace to be one that could be worn over head so that it didn't need a clasp. She is rather long measuring in at 36 ish inches. I'm also at an age where chain,  metal, and beads aren't always comfortable on my neck. Hence the recycled Sari Silk. I love the lightness of it and how it feels when it's worn.

Jesse James Beads has an entire mermaid collection that is exclusive to their online site only, and living in Philadelphia I'm close to the Jersey Shores, but don't get there too much these days, so I was inspired to create this design with the memories of walking on the beach and collecting seashells.

Jesse James Beads are gorgeous, and elegant. They are classy and perfect for all ages and occassions. They are easily addicting to jewelry designers.

I also wanted to add a different element to this design which are the crystal beaded loops , I created three loops also using beading string (Beadalon 7 strand in Satin Copper) in various sparkly and matte colors to give it some added elegance and texture. The focal is absolutely amazing, the bead is made from crushed shells!!! I added a bronze bead cap and a length of cupchain for added mermaid sparkly awesomeness! !!

There will be earrings and a bracelet as well!!!

The strands used in this design are
Inspiration Mix in Pacifico
Pacifico strand #2

In addition I added 2 artisan made lamp work beads seen in the strand mix, and gold matte bicone beads used on one side of the sari silk.

I hope you have enjoyed this Jesse James Free Bead Program Design...
Can't wait to see what they send me next :)