Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thoughts and Ramblings

It's been a very crazy, busy and hectic week here at A Fair Maiden Jewelry.  I just finished hosting 3 trunk shows back to back to back. It was not an easy task and my hands were sore but I managed and turned out some incredibly amazing designs. Some are still available for purchase. 

My kiddos all went back to school Monday I'm now the proud mama of a 1st, 6th and 8th grader!!

The summer is going out with a bang (of heat). However the nights here are cooler. I can't wait for fall it's my favorite time of year.

Saturday will be the big reveal for the Bead Peeps 18th Blogger/Nonblogger challenge. Pachyderms on Parade.  I can't wait to blog about my entry!! Just two more days!!!!!

The Holiday shipping season is soon among us. My schedule for custom orders is open. I also offer payment plans. Please contact me for more info. Either via Facebook

Or email:

I've got some new designs in the works that you won't want to miss. Unique one of a kind designs.  I'm attempting to sketch some ideas I'm by far able to even draw stick people normal !!!!

Next week kicks off another Coffee Corner- A new featured artist interview.

Other than that it's almost Labor Day weekend here  in the good Ole USA, so have a safe weekend if your traveling or getting in a last weekend at the beach.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff.....

Goodnight everyone!!!!

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