Friday, November 13, 2015


Welcome!! Welcome! !!!

A few months back I joined up for a blog hop called "Superstitions" hosted by the incredibly talented Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard. Tammy created 13 lucky black cat polymer clay beads to go to the first 13 lucky designers to sign up. I was one of the lucky 13!!

Our challenge was not only to create using the black cat bead but to also design something based on any "Superstitions" world wide and within any myth or legend...

So I've researched quite a few "SUPERSTITIONS" that were spoken about during my childhood and decided on using two of those memories as my challenge pieces.

You see my home growing up you could say was multi religious my mom is Christian,  and while we always attended church and learned of god, my sister, brother and I found our own spiritual path with the guidance of our mom. As we were raised to always be who we are and take comfort in finding something to believe in as long as we believed it whole heartedly and it didn't harm ourselves or anyone else. This in turn led to a Christian brother who also follows the ways of the Native American Indians. My sister and I followed the pagan path. We are both Wiccan but also both have our own spiritual journey.  I don't tend to speak alot about my beliefs and it's most definitely not because I'm ashamed nor afraid. I am very comfortable with who I am and what I believe in. It's been a long traveled road with many questions and lessons along the way. I don't often speak about it because to be quite frank there is alot of ignorance and lack of knowledge, and so while I do my best to answer questions and assure people that I am not a devil worshipper, or a crazed lunatic , and that in fact it's one of the most peaceful religions in the world and as old as time itself , I reserve my energies with such discussions with people who respect me and my chosen path as I respect them and theirs.

So this challenge really opened some doors for me and I've even amazed myself. Most Wiccans don't believe in superstitions as we mainly believe each instance that occurs is fate. 13 happens to be a very powerful and magical number and black cats extremely lucky creatures , it's also true that Wiccans refer to themselves as witches because of the way we "pray" which is more like a ritual to our goddess and our god. And we all know that most witches are associated with a "familiar" or "spirit animal" and some call them "totems" and mostly those familiars are cats and owls. Many others also such as the bear, the wolf, the otter, and many types of birds etc.

Yes bare with me here lol...

So I wasn't quite sure how to create with my adorable black cat pendant, he has sat with me on my bead board while I created for countless hours for shows, and what not. And still my creative mind could not quite figure him out yes it is a "he" and his name is Dax!! However last night Dax said he was ready to be made, and my muse agreed it was time. And so Dax was created using a lamp work bead, a Swarovski crystal, larvikite beads, natural black spotted feldspar, opalite, and black obsidian. I used a very gorgeous deep reddish brown 20 gauge dyed copper wire. So while Dax didn't become one of my more complex statement pieces he became exactly what he was meant to be.

Next I chose a Rowan Tree, thru out history and time, lands , and countries trees have been a source for many religious beliefs,  they were used to carve wooden bowls for scrying, as well as figurines, crosses, wands, and a number of tools used in many cultures. The Rowan tree was sought after for its berries also. Many assumed the Rowan tree brought evil curses because it is said if you cut the Rowan tree you would be able to see into another dimension or into the underworld, so it began that people would burn and destroy these sacred trees out of fear. The Rowan in ancient Ireland and Scotland was revered rather than feared. It was known well for its aide in protection against evil, for its magical properties of wealth and knowlege.  For this design I used a gorgeous lampwork pendant made by Julie Karnos, and coordinating lampwork beads by Kristin Louthan,  I used copper wire made by me.

My final design sparked from my love of the moon. I myself have always been enamored of the moon. To me it is peaceful, a time when  I can reflect, and seek guidance. However there are many "Superstitions" that surround the moon. One we all know quite well is "The Man In The Moon" because it appears there is a face on the moon. Or all the crazies come out during the full moon , also many babies are born during the full moon, many bad things also supposedly happen during a full moon, or the Blood Moon which is a harvest moon .... There were so many superstitions surrounding the moon that you would actually have to research them all or we would be here for a month lol. For this design which I call "MOON LOVE" I have paired a gorgeous polymer clay moon pendant and moon rock bead by the amazingly talented Staci Louise of Staci Louise Originals, a gorgeous lampwork bead by 2 Bead Sisters, lampwork beads by Cindy Bos, Czech fire polished beads, and I used antique copper wire to enhance the look. Now this piece has found a loving new home but she still likes to show off. The moon apparently is very sassy and demands she is a queen. She also likes to argue. She has an amazing shimmer which she loves to share :)

Now I wanted to add in a small story here....

Today while I was finishing a portion of the chain used for Dax , I had a knock at the door, I put the chain down, went to the door it was my postman with a package I took it thanked him and returned to my work table, and low and behold the chain was missing as in was on the bead board and then gone. I knew I had it, and started looking for it under stuff, in stuff, my clothes, shoes , retraced my steps from the table to the door about five times , I even looked outside and in the mailbox, I had to laugh I mean full out my ribs hurt and I had tears running kind of laughing, it is after all Friday the 13th!!!

Now obviously I found the chain low and behold it somehow managed to return back to my bead I've come to a conclusion I either we have a mischievous ghost in my home which truly wouldn't surprise me and yes I fully believe in ghosts or my cat who happens to be named Samhain  which is a pagan holiday which falls on Halloween and is a tortoiseshell cat ,meaning black, orange and a cream color, is either very fresh today or very smart and now likes to play tricks...

Needless to say it's been an eventful day, and all because of this!!!

To see a full list of all the designers who participated on this blog hop please visit our hosts blog at

Friday, October 23, 2015

Woodland Magic- Artisan Component Marketplace

So about a month ago I entered a contest thru Artisan Component Marketplace for the Designer Kit giveaway. They chose one featured designer who gets to play with the components first this month that featured designer was Shaia Williams.

I entered the contest and as only four designers got chosen I really didn't think I'd get picked but amazingly enough I did. I recieved my kit a few days later. And was blown away completely by what was inside my kit. Me and three other artists received the same components and had to create using them. We were allowed to create one or several designs and we were allowed to incorporate other pieces.

I have enjoyed seeing all of the chosen designers pieces.

I must say that the contributors components were amazing.
First I want to thank Okawa African Beads for the gorgeous and brightly colored ceramic beads, and Dobzie Wood by Burl Girl for the amazingly gorgeous wood pendant it was an absolute pleasure to work with and a stunning piece. A special thank you to Kari Asbury friend and fellow artist for the gorgeous purple sari silk and roll chain,  they added such an amazing texture to the design. Thank you also for alowing us this opportunity to use these components in a design, it truly was an honor.

So for my design I really wanted to keep the wood pendant the main focal, it was a perfect focal to set off the amazingly bright colors of the ceramic beads, I added lampwork beads by Kristin Louthan,  Cindy Bos,  and an uknnown artist. I used a gorgeous glass teal donut, antique copper wire and copper wire. I really love this design and immediately it's name was Woodland Magic. It's a perfect length and it's very lightweight. A bold colored statement that reflects me as an artist :)
I hope you have enjoyed this blog, please visit Artisan Component Marketplace group on Facebook and tell them The Beadwench sent ya ;)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Auctions, Listings, & Shows OH MY!!!! (Part 1)

Ahh so you've found the awesome world of facebook auctions, and shows huh!! I can imagine you probably feel a wee bit intimidated and overwhelmed!! It's normal I think we have all been there.

I'll never forget my first listing either. I mucked it up atleast 20 times before I felt good enough to hit the "Post" button.

All groups do have files that explain what a listing should include and you can find examples on the wall but I do agree it can still be rather intimidating.

So I've been doing auctions online and shows with my jewelry for quite sometime now and I can say after you get over that initial fear, it's all good from there on out. You could list in your sleep and you'd be fine :)

So just in case I'm going to explain how the auctions work and later I'll talk about online spotlight and trunk shows....

The Basics:

Auctions:  Online auction groups are for listing a few items at a time only. Please always read the groups rules which can be found either where it says "view pinned post" or in their "files " section. You always want to read through and agree to the rules so the admins know you have read them. The rules, times, and number of listings allowed will vary group to group so that's why it's important to read each groups rules. I actually have a notebook that I have written down all the groups I frequent, the number of items I'm allowed to list, and any special instructions I may need to know, along with the groups url (link).

Now you will see many weird abbreviated words such as SB, BIN, BI , and PM. Three of which a dollar amount will follow. One will not.

SB: means it's the "starting bid" it's the lowest price the artists will accept for that item

BI: bid increments meaning if Sally bid the sb of $10 , Joe can then bid $11 and Edna can then bid $11.50, however most bid increments are $1.00 increases. And most sellers like myself won't even use a bid increment. The seller will determine what the BI is.

BIN: means "Buy it now" that is the price the seller wants if you want to forgo from playing the bidding game. Sometimes we come across an item we must have right then and bin it right away so we don't take a chance of losing it.

PM: means "private message" This is how you communicate with a buyer when the auction ends. (More on this will be in blog part 2 coming later this week )

Now almost atleast 20 times a day someone asks what an "anti-snipe" rule is, basically if someone is holding the high bid and Sally comes in to swoop Edna's bid away at the last second then she is SOL cause the seller is allowing Edna five more minutes to respond and re bid. Now for me personally I hate the anti-snipe rule I think it's stupid. The fun of bidding gets taken away If Sally wins then good for her. However there is a sound reasoning behind it and it's usually a rule for higher end items . You will never see me use it however I like the fun and adrenaline rush bidding brings to the game. Most times I won't bid on items with that rule either.

Photos: So you are allowed one clear bright photo in your main listing and usually allowed 2-3 more to be added in the comments section (tips for these to follow in blog 2 as well)

Description: This is where you add any information you want your potential buyer to know. Always include what the materials  are that your design has. Metals, beads, whatever it is. The length or size, color, etc.  If your design was inspired by something do tell about it. You want to draw people in, you want to make them want to own your design.

Shipping: Everyone ships differently. So whatever your shipping details are add that in.

Auction start/end time: all groups allow for different lengths of times your allowed to list an item. I generally only post for 24 hours. But please always put you auction end date and time. Use your time zone , as buyers will figure out the timing in their own zones.

Paypal: This is how you will invoice your buyer when the auction ends either from a BIN or at the auction end time. (More on this in blog 2)

So these are the basics for an auction style listing.  I will cover more details and tips in the next blog so be sure to follow up. Auctions should be fun and the environment of the group should make you feel comfortable. Will you sell your item right off the bat? Well I don't know depends on who your item is making a connection with. So don't feel discouraged. 


Yessss this is where I see people running for their life. Afraid to even take the leap. Shows do really seem intimidating but......there is always a but right??

Spotlights and Trunk shows can be very invigorating,  you learn so much about yourself, you meet some of the most amazing people including fellow artists. We as a community come togeher to help and show support.

A spotlight show usually runs only 24 hours and some groups will have 1-3 artists spotlighting together. It's a magnificent way to get on that sound box and share with the world the beautiful creations you offer. Will they always be successful?... no. . no they wont, some shows you'll get many likes and compliments and no sales, however this isn't to be looked at as a bad thing, not meant to discourage you, it doesn't mean people don't like your items. Even the most seasoned artist doesn't always have a productive show and guess what??? That is perfectly fine. It just means you'll try again and again. In the mean time people are getting to know you, they are getting to know your work, your style, your passion. Sometimes just letting go and putting yourself out there has the most amazing benefits. It's also about developing an online presence.  My advice is to make something that shows who you are as an artist, what inspires you, stand out from the others, find your niche. Never be afraid to show the world who you are.

Trunk Shows usually run 24-48 hours and feature only 1 artist,  again this is your time to shine, this is your time to make people aware of who you are, to show them what you offer.

Both types usually require that you list a minimum of 10 items. This shouldn't scare you off. You can do ten items in no time. Earrings are always great, but also offer a necklace and a bracelet. I know an artist who only makes earrings , she has developed a large following and she sells out in every show she does...why??? Because she has found her niche..
She has stepped up to the plate and hit that ball out of the park,,, she has made her mark among the community.

Shows in any form are always so much fun. If your still unsure of yourself, please follow a few shows, your always welcome to stop by any of my shows,  I do have a "stalker fan club" of artists who have been following me to see how I work my magic which is totally humbling because they are artists I greatly admire, I've shown them the tools to a great show and one has already had such amazing success in her first two shows thus far... I do believe I created a monster :p

So these are the basics on auctions, shows, and listings.

Please don't ever be afraid to put yourself out there. Many of us aren't as BAM in your face ( I am because it's how im wired) but many are very shy and that's okay. This is all online and we don't make judgements ! you as an artist alone speak for yourself. Never second guess your work , art doesn't need to be perfect, find yourself and create from within. There are so many amazingly wonderful artists out there.
When I first came into the scene I was scared my designs wouldn't be good enough that even being in the same groups as others I would fail miserably.

But one thing I had that I want you to always have is FAITH!! Yep faith!! Have faith in yourself and faith in your craft.  Please don't compare your work to anyone else's that alone will give you the wrong impression. Rather be proud of what you create, it's your heart and soul that made it, we all offer something different and unique, it's why it's handmade!!!

So my fellow artists I leave you now to ponder wether your going to take the leap. If your unsure or your still a wee bit afraid come and find me and I will help guide you along the way.

I hope this blog part 1 has been helpful in explaining the basics. Please stay tuned for blog 2 later this week where I will offer more tips and advice on running a successful show. As well as tips for writing an awesome auction style listing!!!

Until next time....

-The Beadwench

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Love, Support, and Awesomeness

I don't know about you, yes you the beautiful soul reading this right now!!

This week thus far has been amazing. I've seen such an outpouring of love and support. First let's start with the wonderful Melinda Orr, a talented well known artist among the jewelry community (she also makes artisan components that will knock your socks off), you see her brother Mark was recently diagnosed with cancer. And in order to help his family with the offset of medical bills, and whatnot she started an event where she was going to post her jewelry and such for sale in order to raise funds.
Well I think she wasn't expecting what happened next and this my friends is the true meaning of love and support. You see love isn't just given to those we have known thru out our lives such as parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family and friends. .. oh no my dear ones it goes even above and beyond that. You see Melinda recieved an overwhelming and beautiful gift of this love and support for her brother from mostly strangers. Now I say strangers in the sense that though many of us in the jewelry community are friends ,many of us have never met in person (omg I think the world would pause the moment we all got together at one time in real life) but I can tell you the amazing amount of love that I witnessed during this event. Everyone, even artists such as myself that she doesn't know very well ,have donated items to auction off, have shared, bid, purchased, and well it was amazing I don't think anything was left.
So if you were a part of that in any way from the bottom of my heart thank you. On behalf of Melinda and her brother thank you!!

Oh wait I'm not done....

I myself have recently been the recipient of love and support,  not for such reasons as above. But in a different sense. Many of you reading this know I schedule alot of trunk shows, I frequently list my goodies in various auction groups, I'm in alot of jewelry chat rooms. I've been testing some theories on how to engage people during shows, how to keep them interested,  and getting to know them as well as them getting to know me. I've tried many different things the last few months.

I've been keeping a list and checking things off, making notes. And out of the blue a few very well respected artisans whom I admire greatly (and who I have recently been told are stalking my auctions in a very good way not in a creeper way) have messaged me with some amazing feedback and totally noted what I was doing that was making a difference, things even that they wanted to implement into their shows. I was totally thrown off guard in a good way. See although I've been creating jewelry for quite sometime I'm still the newbie among the community lol They are the artisans who have opened my eyes and the doors to explore so many new things. Their talents are a magnificent beauty in this world. And their love and support have totally pulled at my heart strings.

In addition to the amazingly incredible feedback , I also was announced the winner of the BNB challenge, Pachyderms on Parade hosted by the amazingly talented Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxeestix Traveling Sideshow.  You can read her blog at to see what inspired her to chose this theme.

This morning I woke up to the sweetest post on Lampwork Bead Addicts Galleria. An amazing group of artists that bring you such talented and creative jewelry. As well as lampwork beads. Normally each day or so one of the awesome admins will put a collage of goodies that are on the page and share it, almost always they speak about inspiration, and the color pallets used. This morning however one of the admins, whom I don't know very well displayed all four of my designs by themselves with the sweetest words about my wirework. And man that started my morning on the brightside. Thank you so much for that! !!

You see I'm not sure what I have done recently ,call it good karma, call it life, call it luck, call it what you will, but this week it chose me. And I can't begin to even explain how it makes me feel inside, it's as if someone just handed me the most amazing gift in the world,  the same gift in a sense that Melinda recieved. An outpouring of love and support. 

Many get tired of my constant chatter on a daily basis, but it's because most people think us artists a wee bit insane and well we are the entire lot of us are a bit insane!! However being  part of such a large community of people changes your life, touches your soul, pushes you to grow, picks you up when you fall, sprinkles you in glitter when you need it, they become such an amazingly large part of your life. It's like you found your tribe, your lost family, your squad, your cheerleaders etc.

So I wanted you all to know how much it's appreciated. How much that love and support means, and to always remember I have that same love for all of you!!!!

This week has been a part of my journey that I shall always remeber, that of I could bottle up the love and wear it I would!!! 

This has been a novel of a blog post.  So once again THANK YOU not only to the artisan community at large but to all of you, this is but one of the many many many reasons I am in love with what I do. It's what drives that passion to create!!
So as always my friends go forth and color the world!!!!
Have an amazing day my friends!!!!!!

-The Beadwench

Monday, September 7, 2015


So the 18th Blogger/Nonblogger challenge has been revealed to the public.

Here is my journey into my first ever BNB challenge:

The months from May - September can be fairly slow in sales and activity in the art community. As its the season of graduations, vacations, hot days, beach visits,  cold drinks with friends, and wrapping up at the beginning of the school season once again. I had been missing from the art community for a few months (you can read about that in a previous post). So I decided to take this time to learn new things, attempt mediums I never tried before, and to join in on more jewelry challenges. We don't usually win a prize other than we get to pick the theme for the next challenge. Which is alot of fun and requires some research.

I'm always up for a challenge and so when I saw friend and fellow artist Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxeestix designs (an artist that inspires me thru her use of textures, fabric, and style) I knew I wanted to jump in for this adventure.

I also knew no matter the theme that I wanted to challenge myself as an artist.
The theme she chose for this BNB challenge was "Pachyderms on Parade ".  We were given these amazingly stunning, gorgeous inspirational photos to spark our creativity.

And so HANO the elephant was born again. Inspired by the real life Hanno the white elephant circa 1510. For more information on the history and life of Hanno please visit

I've found many research sites and found that to be the most informative.

The journey from there just so happened two days prior to Beadfest 2015 located here in Oaks Pa. I knew I had wanted to use different materials. And I didn't really have an idea in mind other than I wanted an elephant of some sort. I'm one of those that firmly believes the right thing will find you.  And off to beadfest we went. You can read about my beadfest adventures in my previous blog post.

Fast forward :::: Staci from Staci Louise Originals a true master in polymer clay creations, was a vendor at Beadfest and as I went to say Hello... BAM!!!!!  What yells HEYYYY I'M HERE!!! But Hano himself!! Hano is a polymer clay creation made by Staci, and thus Hano was reborn. From that moment he yelled out to me we were on a mission. We wanted bright colors to reflect the beautiful fabrics used in the photos and to reflect the gorgeous paint colors. And low n behold two vendors past Staci, we found Marsha Neal Studios, the first thing that popped out at me was the brightly colored silk ribbon. So Hano and I chose a bright orange and a cadet blue, we also decided to try a ceramic disc.

Now keep in mind I have never worked with polymer clay, I have never wire wrapped a ceramic disc, and my first attempt at silk I failed miserably. Ahhh but I never give up.
We also added a brass patina elephant stamping, ceramic beads by Gaea Canody,  and two brightly colored yellow lampwork beads. And so Hano and I sat down and after many many different ways to play with items and figure out where to put them we finally agreed (Hano didn't want his butt to look big) on the final design.

You can see the photos below for the journey and the final design.
The public voting is open from now until September 12,2015.

Please feel free to take a moment and visit


To vote simply click "LIKE" on the photo of your choice!!!

Thank you for sharing in my adventure with Hano. I hope you enjoy the story and the design!!

And as always thank you for your enduring love, and support!!

As well as supporting handmade!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thoughts and Ramblings

It's been a very crazy, busy and hectic week here at A Fair Maiden Jewelry.  I just finished hosting 3 trunk shows back to back to back. It was not an easy task and my hands were sore but I managed and turned out some incredibly amazing designs. Some are still available for purchase. 

My kiddos all went back to school Monday I'm now the proud mama of a 1st, 6th and 8th grader!!

The summer is going out with a bang (of heat). However the nights here are cooler. I can't wait for fall it's my favorite time of year.

Saturday will be the big reveal for the Bead Peeps 18th Blogger/Nonblogger challenge. Pachyderms on Parade.  I can't wait to blog about my entry!! Just two more days!!!!!

The Holiday shipping season is soon among us. My schedule for custom orders is open. I also offer payment plans. Please contact me for more info. Either via Facebook

Or email:

I've got some new designs in the works that you won't want to miss. Unique one of a kind designs.  I'm attempting to sketch some ideas I'm by far able to even draw stick people normal !!!!

Next week kicks off another Coffee Corner- A new featured artist interview.

Other than that it's almost Labor Day weekend here  in the good Ole USA, so have a safe weekend if your traveling or getting in a last weekend at the beach.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff.....

Goodnight everyone!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ahhh Beadfest...friends,bead peeps, and amazing goodies

So I know many of you asked about my beadfest experience. And we'll I was totally exhausted just from being there all day Sunday and didn't post. Well here it is... **pictures of the day will be at the bottom because I have no clue how to arrange them in order on my blog from my phone haha**

So Saturday night I packed my beadfest bag as well as the snacks and drinks Caitlyn and I would need (*they got left in the car and all we used was one water bottle haha so much for packing*)

Sunday morning we woke up at 7 am, got ready , left home at 8:40am. With two stops on the way we arrived at beadfest at 9:27am. The doors were open so we went and paid our admission fees (cait was free..all kids under 12 are). I had a huge bag of beads, findings, and vintage stuff to donate to the Beat It Beads foundation so we headed over to their table to drop off our load and ended up chatting with the beautiful woman who runs the program. If your interested in finding out more about their organization please like their Facebook page Beaditbeads. Tell them the Beadwench sent ya!!

Then we were on our way. Caitlyn has never been to Beadfest with me and she was totally in awe of everything and really enjoyed it. Our first stop was 2 Bead Sisters,  these ladies are a bucket of fun, they remembered me from last year, their lampwork is absolutely incredible and only available for sale at shows/events. I got a few goodies here that are being used in my Superstitions blog hop.

We then headed over towards Artisan Alley where I wanted to say hello to a few artist peeps, first stop was Staci of she is an amazing polymer clay artist, she teaches classes at  Beadfest, she has been featured in many jewelry magazines, and won first place at Beadfest for her amazing necklace. It was pretty busy so I wasn't able to get a photo with Staci but I was able to snag one of her awesome polymer clay creations to use in my Pachyderms on Parade challenge :)

As we made our way down Artisans Alley I stopped at Marsha Neal Studios display because her silk caught my eye, Marsha I had never met before but recognized her name right away, she has amazing ceramic pieces,  kits, and silk of course I snagged some gorgeous silks and a ceramic to also use in my Pachyderms on Parade challenge. Marsha is a joyful spirit and is like sitting down with one of your besties  we had a great convo and I think she magically lent me some of her amazing energy she even struck a rock star pose for the camera just for this blog :)

After we left Marsha's booth we drooled over Diane Hawkyes booth, need I say more!!!!!. I had a delivery to make to the fantastic Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio, she traded me earrings she won in my trunk show for credit at her table, which is awesome I love trades. So I picked up some amazing goodies for the Danse Macabre Blog Hop I'm doing :)

As Michelle and I said our goodbyes , my very good friend and fellow artist Colleen Haurin  of Beadworks by Colleen appeared with her daughter Michalene, to hang with Cait and I for the day. The four of us had many many laughs and epic adventures ;)

We stopped at several booths and made several purchases. My favorite gemstone vendor this year was The Perfect Gem!!!! The quality of their gems are outstanding.

As we made our way among the hundreds of rows Kim Lyons fellow artist and SRAJD member spotted me apparently she had to threaten to break Michelle's display to track me down by clothing and tattoo description. ...haha kidding she asked to point her my way and I wasn't far. I have been chatting with Kim online for about a year as we frequent the same groups she also doesn't live far from me. So I got to meet and hang out with some amazing people at Beadfest. I got lots of goodies. I made a list and actually stuck to it. I didn't get a few things on my list because well I had a budget and I broke it in half literally because I splurged on a few things ...

By the end of the day I was worn out and in pain (my plantar facitis issues kicked in overdrive).

However for those of you wondering if Beadfest is worth the time, travel, lodging, and money..... my answer is absolutely yessss...   I am fortunate to live 45 minutes away and don't need lodging. But it's worth it. If you have thought about coming def come.. you won't regret it. The classes are amazing and worth every penny. There are classes to suit every budget. They have added 45 minute classes for $26.00 and small $2.00 mini make n takes as well.

There is so much to see and do. But the energy, atmosphere,  amazing vendors and fellow artists are well worth the trip.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog. Hope to see you there. Feel free to visit the artisans I mentioned tell them the BEADWENCH  sent ya or Betony lol

18th Blogger/Nonblogger Challenge "Pachyderms on Parade"

This is the first up of three blog hop challenges I have signed up for. This challenge is the 18th challenge but, a first for me!!! The theme for this challenge is:

Pachyderms On Parade

Our inspiration for this challenge. I love Elephants in general and to see them dressed up and painted was absolutely incredible. Such vibrant colors used to create a unique look for each pachyderm, as well as the exotic And beautiful vibrancy in the fabric coloring, the entire look is just simply fascinating. I knew right away I wanted to challenge myself as an artist and chose mediums I haven't really worked with before. So with that thought in mind I knew I wanted some bright fabrics, and a stand out focal with some texture. I did pick up some AMAZING  items to work with. I have an idea in my head so let's hope it comes to life!!!

The reveal for this Challenge is September 5th 2015 right here on my blog. I'll also keep you posted on the other artists blog info so you can leisurely see what each of us has interpreted for this theme. I absolutely love seei ng jewelry be pushed to its limits and brought to life.

I am as I write this looking over the materials I gathered to use and I'm am so excited. This is all new material for me as I'm used to working with wire, gemstones, and lampwork.

Here is is a "teaser" photo and some of the amazing photos we used for inspiration.

Let's see who can guess what type of materials I'll be using :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

TRUNK SHOWS, BLOG HOPS, and Fun Galore 2015

Hi everyone. So FALL 2015 Calendar is kicking of to an awesome start!!  Listed here you will find my trunk show dates, and blog hops.



August 25th - August 27th
September 2nd - September 4th
October 12th - October 14th
November 9th - November 11th
December 9th - December 11th

All shows start at 10:00 PM EST and end at 9:00 PM EST _ comment


September 13th - September 15th
October 6th - October 8th

All shows start at 10:00 PM  CST and end at 9:00 PM  CST


September 18th - September 20th
October 26th - October 28th
December 27th - December 29th

All shows start at 6:00 PM  EST and end at 5:30 PM EST



"Pachyderms on Parade"

Reveal date : September 5th 2015


"Danse Macabre"

Reveal date : October 17th 2015



Reveal date : November 13th 2015

Please stay tuned for more in do regarding each blog hope. This is definitely an opportunity you don't want to miss. There is no purchase required as these are challenges for artists.  However there is public voting and it's alot of fun going to each artists blog to see their designs for each challenge as well as the process they used to create it. And we'll if a design strikes your fancy and tou want to inquire about a purchase you can do so by contacting that artist. Each of us are given the challenge to design a piece in any medium that is within that chosen category. It really does push us to think outside the box and try new things. And it's fun to see what we come up with :)

So please check back often. For further info.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Navigating Beadfest & other expos

So I've decided to share my personal tips for when your headed to your first Beadfest or any type of expo. You can use these handy tips to make your trip better.

Beadfest that I attend is here in Oaks Pa at The Philadelphia Expo Center. It's held in the Spring (April) & Fall (August)

1) Wear comfortable walking shoes!!! Keep in mind you'll be on your feet for many hours!!!

2) Wear comfortable clothing. Regardless of the weather outside dress accordingly and comfortably you'll be indoors for many hours. No matter the weather I always bring a light sweater indoors. I usually wear a cotton shirt, and comfy pants or shorts

3) Bring a backpack or small rolling case to carry your purchases. Tote bags are fine to but keep in mind they will get weighed down and you may want comfy straps and make sure they don't constantly need to be adjusted or pushed up on your shoulder. Rolling cases are great but can hinder movement in smaller booths when crowded. I prefer a backpack  myself as it carries everything I need and it distributes weight evenly so it doesn't hurt your back again you want comfy shoulder straps.

4) Beadfest as well as many expos have food and drink vendors and areas for you to sit and eat. However the lines are always long, and the prices can vary. I hate paying $2.00 for a bottle of water. I bring a small coleman  cooler that I pack water, ice tea and my lunch in. When I am hungry I go out to my car and take a break for some fresh air before I go back in.

5) Always take a water bottle and a light snack with you.  There are alot of people in the building and it's a lot of walking stay hydrated. I find it easier to have these on hand with me.

6) Hand Sanitizer- lots of people touching stuff, and if your digging thru metal your hands get a smell to them.

7) Handy wipes- I always bring a small travel wipes pack with me and a small pack of tissues.

8) Lotion- I also always pack a small lotion, my hands become very dry from digging thru beads, metals, findings, touching things all day etc. But I have very dry skin so I bring it lol

9) Wallet- now I don't bring my everyday wallet I bring a small Vera Bradley Wristlet. I don't want to have to dig into my bag each time I make a purchase so I use a wristlet mine has a Keychain clip on it so if I dont want to wear it on my wrist I can clip it to my jeans/shorts . Make sure to have your Photo ID (for credit/debit purchases), credit /debit cards, cash (there are atm  machines located in the building but I always make sure to have cash on hand )

10) A List (hahahaha) yea so I actually do make a list of things I want to see or items I know I want to purchase. I don't always stick to the list because well it's Beadfest and there is always something else I have to have!! I also make list of my favorite vendors and their booth #'s.

11) Beadfest is HUGE!! It can become overwhelming, but remain calm, there is so so so much to see and do. You can become lost among the rows of booths but they do offer a map online and at the door. Definitely have one it helps and there are many volunteers to guide you as well.

12) No matter if you have a budget or not there is something for everyone. In April I went to beadfest with $75.00 that included my $5.00 entrance fee (see #13), lunch, and my purchases which included a vast amount of beads, gemstones, a hammer, bench block, and more, and I had $10 left over. So yes it can be done on a budget. I like to go and shop but I always know what I have to get and I always find amazing deals!!!

13) There are many vendors online that offer coupons you can print and fill out which gains you an entrance fee of $5.00 rather than $15.00. Many vendors will offer these coupons at certain times on their websites or facebook pages.

***please note... I printed a vendor coupon offered by Stacy Louise Originals in her blog post that came out today ..tell her the Beadwench sent ya ***

14) This is the most IMPORTANT tip.........
HAVE FUN... enjoy the amazing vendors, artists, and people of Beadfest. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone, you may be surprised at who you will meet along the way! !!

15) Just a last tip, Beadfest has added $2.00 mini classes and $26.00 45 minute classes in addition to their normal classes. The lines form around the building if you registered for a class please be aware of the lines. If your just a shopper like me don't panic about that line. You can enter in the lobby with out a wait. There is plenty of parking at Beadfest. It is located in a nice area, and is easy to get too. Plan your travel route accordingly and allow time for traffic. Don't rush Beadfest isn't going anywhere.

So there you have it.My handy tips for attending Beadfest Philly!!!

If you have any questions or have something to add please leave a comment below!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The end is a new beginning

So as a jewelry artist we are always learning new things, it's just part of our creative make up, we have to tinker, and try, and see how things work, we often step outside the box, we often walk off the beaten path,  we search high n low for something that calls to our blood, to our soul. It's not often we remain in still waters though at times our feet are firmly planted while our imagination and creativity takes a back seat to our every day life occurences. I've had such a recent occurence. Back in June just two days before my beloved black lab Winston turned 9 years old he had started to get sick,  a visit to the vet revealed a.major infection and the possibility of tumors and cancer. Skipping over the worst parts of this story and with a broken heart my best friend and soul dog passed away at home surrounded by those who loved him dearly and went to the rainbow bridge. While I was at peace with the fact that he knew how much he was loved and cherished and that he would no longer suffer, his passing broke me truly and completely . Some have said it was silly to feel such grief over an animal but to me he was my family, this wee little puppy who chose to be mine at only a week old. He had been my best friend, my companion, my everything. And on June 30th he went to the great beyond. I still miss him everyday,  now when I look about for him my eyes go to his box that holds his ashes and a piece of my soul is there with him and always will be.

During his illness I had stopped creating, I was overwhelmed,  I was tired, I fought  hard for him, I cared for him, I comforted and loved him, I comforted my children and my husband . I shielded them all from the worse parts of Winstons illness, I didn't want them to see him deteriorate,  I didn't want Winston to lose his dignity and so that's how it went every day for three weeks. Ohhh I had to fight with my stubborn old man fur dog to take his medicines, to try to get him up and to move, to get better, I begged him not to leave me.

Tuesday June 30th I woke up to a normal day of getting my kids up and feeding them breakfast, caring for Winston,  changing bandages,  bathing wounds, doing household cleaning etc. It had been an overcast day promising some crazy storms, my middle child had a dance class that evening and as we.left the house after dinner we had seen rainbows all along the way, it had rained I mean the heavens opened up and for twenty minutes it poured as though the sea itself was emptying out upon the earth, and just as suddenly as it started it had stopped and on our ride home as my daughter and I cried about Winston knowing with all my heart that he wasn't going to be with us much longer we drove home in silence. When we got home I went into the basement where he had been that last week as he lost the use of his hind legs, and where it was easier to care for his needs, I went to him and looked him in the eyes and that's when I knew with every fiber of my being that my best friend, my companion, my rock, my familier, my soul dog was leaving, he waited for us to come home, I told him that as much as it would hurt me that I was a survivor and I would survive I would be changed but I would survive, that if he needed to go it was okay that I loved him and always would and that one day gods willing we would see one another soon.  I called my family down to say what they needed to. And he passed away five minutes later.

Since then I had taken time off from jewelry designing,  I stepped away from the groups that I was in on a constant basis, those that I was an admin on, I stepped entirely away from the facebook, and Internet world, I took time to grieve, to be with my family, because I know  life is short and people we love pass away , I know that we grieve differently, but I needed time with my children, we needed to be a unit, we needed one another. Winstons passing affected us all.

A week ago I decided to finally sit down and force my self to create something, creating jewelry to me is the one thing that heals me, that takes my soul and makes a story, that makes me feel.good, joyous and free. It takes my mind to a different world, in it I get lost in the beauty of the art, it's like sitting outside yourself and watching you light up from within. And so I created a design based upon the sea where a seahorse lives, and dreams. Where the ocean calms and opens it's arms and surrounds you in warmth, like a hug from mother nature herself. It grounded me. It brought me back to a part of myself that had drifted.

I decided to take this slow season for many of us artists and work on trying new designs,  and becoming more involved in jewelry swaps and challenges. And so that's the path I am on at the moment. I am seeing new things and I'm liking where I'm headed.

Oh it was no easy task leaving the groups I was an admin in not easy at all but the timing felt right and thank goodness to the beautiful souls of my new sisters for always understanding and still wanting to take my journey with me. For never giving up on me. It means so much.

And so my friends if your reading this thank you for being here. This blog will continue to grow so please be sure to come back often.

In Loving Memory
Winston S. Maiden

6/11/06 - 6/30/15

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's TIME for the Bead Peeps Swap and Hop Reveal

Sooooo. .....

It's the long waited anticipated event so far of 2015. First let me start by thanking Lisa Anderson and all of her amazing helpers for putting this event together,  they work diligently pairing together over 200 artists from all over the world. It's no easy feat, they try to pair a veteran hopper with a newbie like me. I am honored to have taken part in such an amazing event, I would not have met my partner otherwise. I was paired with the amazingly talented Kari Asbury of Hippie Chick Jewelry & Design . Kari is am amazing artist who works in all mediums, her designs are colorful, and make you smile with joy. Kari participates in many events, and was kind enough to show me the ropes during our adventure. I can say it wasn't easy for me to find a pallette of colors,  shapes and textures to send her as a challenge, once I saw all the beautiful colors she uses I decided to send her my usual pallette of browns, blacks, greens, coppers, bronze, ha ha you get the picture I gave her a wee splash of yellow and white as well. I am quite anxious to see what she has made.

Kari sent me as seen in the previous blog a gorgeous mix of colors I don't normally use in my designs, and materials I've never used either, that was most definitely a challenge for me and I'm very thankful for it, I fell in love with sari silk and wooly wire. And enjoyed creating. I made three coordinating designs, using the wood gypsy soul pendant, sari silk, wooly wire and lampwork Kari sent me I created a gorgeous gypsy boho inspired necklace that I absolutely adore, I made earrings as well using lampwork, and a bracelet that I braided using sari silk.  I unfortunately was unable to complete my last two designs because there were some Sickies in  my house that took priority. However I will finish the designs soon and share them as well. Please check out Kari's blog to see her reveal and feel free to visit the other participants.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bead Peep Swap and Hop 2015

So I have alot to catch you up on as I was unable to get on my blog for quite sometime.

I decided to take part in the Bead Peeps Swap and Hop. I was partnered with an amazing artist named Kari Asbury of Hippie Chick Jewelry & Design.

Kari and I spoke quite a few times :)  , and I have gotten to know her and know her style of jewelry some what, because she works with alot of mediums and bold bright colors, it was definitely a challenge for me to come up with something new for her to design with. You can see what I sent her  and read her side of the story by visiting  her blog

However I can say I was totally shocked, excited, and a little scared of the beautiful pieces  she sent me as I haven't ever worked with polymer clay, waxed linen cord, irish wax cords, sari silk, wooly wire, wood pendants and charms, she sent gorgeous lampwork and ceramic beads as well in a bright cheerful color pallette (pictured below).

I can definitely say it's been challenging for me to use these different textures of materials and colors but It has pushed me as well and for that I am truly thankful.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to be partnered with Kari !!!

So stay tuned for the big reveal coming up on May 2,2015 as all the bead Peep Swap and Hop pieces will be up on each participants blog. Please visit bead peeps group on Facebook for more information and to find out who else is participating! !!!


My blog has been down or atleast on my end it was. But I'm hoping this goes thru cause man do I have sooooo much to catch you all up on!!! If you are reading this PLEASE leave a comment and let me know thanks all!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

First Video is up!! Its about tools please check it out!!!

Basic Jewelry Tools:

Jewelry Tools and Basics for Beginners

Hi everyone I am here today to talk to you about tools and basics needed to get you started on creating jewelry!!!

The Most used tools in jewelry making are:

1.) Round Nose Pliers- round nose pliers are called round nose pliers because well they are round, you can use them for making loops in wire work, you can use them to create jump rings, cones, shapes of all kinds, use them when stringing beads etc

2.) Flat Nose Pliers- Flat nose pliers are flat on the ends, great for closing crimp beads, feeding your string thru beads when your at the end and have to feed the string back thru a few beads, they are also handy in wire work, for holding things, making shapes, closing ends

3.) Bent Nose Pliers- they are bent at the end . These are my go to pliers for just about everything, they come in handy for tucking in the ends of wire after looping, they get into hard to reach areas as well

4.) Jewelry tweezers- just like tweezers for your eyebrows only a bit longer and smoother at the ends, these are great for picking up beads and small findings or even pushing things together I have 2 pair on hand at all times one pair has a scoop at the end great for scooping out beads and such

5.) Flush Cutters- Flush cutters cut stringing wire as well as metal wire, you will always use these. They give you a clean straight end, great for wire working.

6.) A Bur Cup-aka a Wire Rounder- this is one of my favorite tools I use it constantly, this tool you use to create a rounded end to your wire so that it doesn't snag on skin or clothing. I also use it as a mandrel to shape my ear wire or to make large bail loops or loops in general

7.) A Bead Board- this is a lightweight board that already has your measurements marked. usually has some small compartments to hold your beads, findings, or any supplies you need to create the piece you are working on.

8.) A Steel Bench Block (my personal preference or an anvil)- to hammer or flatten wire designs, create paddle pins etc

9.) A Chasing Hammer (commonly known as a ball pien hammer) - It is flat and rounded off to the sides , great for striking metals and wire, the other side is rounded like a ball and has a texture to give your pieces some texture

10.) Nail Clippers- not a must have but a good to have on hand I use these a lot especially when stringing and you have small tails left that the flush cutters may not reach, I got mine in a small manicure kit at the dollar store

11.) A File- mostly used when working with wire to smooth out ends so they aren't sharp, there is no particular file to get I often use a cutical nail file, also purchased at the dollar store, you can get the heavy duty ones at any hardware supply store

Stringing is the material you will use to bead your jewelry onto. Always make sure your beads have a hole big enough to fit onto the string.
Now each designer has a personal preference for stringing materials , you will also find your favorite so I will only list what I use:

Beadalon 49 strand- I use this for both necklaces and bracelets as it is durable, and flexible!!!

I also use Beadalon 7 for lighter weight bracelets
they come in different lengths, and colors I use satin silver most of the time or copper color

Findings are what clasps, jumprings, headpins, earwires, etc are called. There are so many styles of findings, my advice to you is to google findings to familiarize yourself with the various different ones

there are many varieties of clasps
My preference are lobster claw and toggle clasp. however there are many more styles such as spring clasp, hook and eye clasp, S clasp, magnetic clasp, barrel clasp, and quite a few more each comes in various shapes and styles


Crimp beads are what hold your strings together to secure them so your beads don't fall off, they come in a variety of sizes, and colors.

A lot of designers use  what is called a CRIMPING TOOL to make them pretty and round. And also use a crimp cover. I don't personally do this but it is a nice clean look. The preference is totally up to you.

Ear wires also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Again what you use is your preference!!!

Chains for use in jewelry making come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, metals etc, play and experiment, always be sure if you are using chain to secure a pendant that the chain is well made and can hold the pendant. They can be used in many ways in your designs. get creative!!!

Jumprings also come is various sizes, and gauges. Jumprings secure your clasp, charms, etc onto your design.


Memory wire is thicker than normal wire, its important that you use cutters specifically for memory wire it will break your regular jewelry flush cutters, they do sell memory wire cutters specially made for this. Memory wire is great for making stack-able bracelets, it holds it shape very well.You can add beads, charms etc, always loop your ends to secure it. Memory wire basically wraps around your wrist and its great for those who don't like using clasps.

I hope I covered most of the basics to get you started, you don't need all of these at one time. But these are whats on my tool bench and my most used tools and items. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks and have a great day!!

As always Happy CREATING!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

HAVE YOU HEARD??? The BUILD A LINE challenge is off to a start

Have you heard of the Build A Line Challenge??
Each participant creates their own jewelry line over a three month period. Im excited to see their journies progress. This is a great oppurtunity to check out some amazing artists and to read about the Build a Line challenge. This is for the MASTERS !! Also a great learning experience for all even if your only reading.
Learn more about this amazing challenge here: (sorry you will have to copy and paste)

Upcoming Trunk Shows

If your wondering where you can find my items or other amazing items, check these out


Wednesday January 28,2015
5am-10pm CST


February 5th @5:30pm pst -February 6th @6:00pm pst


All show timea start at 10pm EST the night prior to the start date and end at 10pm EST on the end date :)

February 16-17th

March 18-19th

April 15-16th


February 17-18th

Will add any other dates soon!!!

Some Random Thoughts for today

Life is in fact short. Do you . Laugh lots. Dance often. LOVE hard. Color the world.

A friend said this quote to me and I love it " Blessed are the cracks for they let in the light" thats deep !!

My favorite quotes from the Cheshire cat :
"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there"

"We are all mad here"

I love those!!

Also going thru my mind today,
Im part of a lot of groups on fb and omg I cant believe the hate and ignorance that goes on! This im relating to jewelry but you can use it in life as well ready here goes:

Always be kind to one another, you never know what goes on inside and how your words or actions cut to the deepest parts of a soul, they hurt!!

Everyone starts somewhere!! Be supporting, be thoughtful, teach, advise, instruct, and learn!!

Empower one another!!

There is no right or wrong! Art is art!! Its a release of ones heart and soul!!  I know everyone has likes and dislikes however there is no need to be harsh if you want to leave a critique than leave constructive critism!!!

Alot of you have asked what groups I belong to and holy moly there are many buy I will name a few

I'll start with the ones I help moderate remember these are on facebook you can type the names into your fb search bar!!!

Gone To Pieces Budget Lampwork group- we have an awesome mod squad and we aint afraid to show it :)
If your a lampwork artist or an artist interested in lampwork this is a budget friendly group pieces are on auction listings all under $25.00

The Frazzled Clay Artisans Group-

I started this group recently so that clay artists have a group to list items in an auction format it is still growing but we have some amazing artists, clay can be metal, polymer, porcelain, ceramic etc any kind of clay!!!

You can also see me frequent these awesome groups:

Bead Chat (hosted by aunties beads)

Creative Bead Chat

Aspiring Metalsmiths

Lampwork Bead Addicts

Artisan Designer Jewelry Buy and sell

The Jewelry Box

Elite Artisan Showcase

Jewelry Designers Open Market

Bead Peeps

Thats just to name a few!!

Upcoming blogs

The Coffee Corner- a weekly blog that will feature a new artist each week

A Buyers Guide to buying handmade and things NOT to do- Well you'll just have to wait for it

Tutorials- so I have been asked by several people to do a few video tutorials on different things, these will be basics for beginner and intermediate level artist's , so stay tuned

Product reviews, store reviews, and whatever else strikes my fancy!!!

Have a question? Have a thought? Anything on your mind? A topic you'd like me to blog about? Let me know by leaving a comment below!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bead Peeps Hop and Swap

Hello everyone sorry it has been awhile since I have blogged. Life has happened :)
So I recently joined a great group on facebook called Bead Peeps. A very cool group with great information and such. They are currently doing a Hop n Swap. Im partnered up with another artist we send each other cool artisan made components and create using what pieces we get. This year I am joining in the fun. Its pretty awesome getting to push our creativity and also to meet amazing people along the way.

I havent been assigned a partner as of my writing this yet but here are a few things they may want to know about me :)

I love working with lampwork and copper. Copper is my go to metal for just about everything I dont know why other than I like how it looks.
I usually work with a huge color pallette colors I normally dont work with just because I havent much yet are yellows, pinks, oranges, lol citrus colors no reason why I havent just havent crossed those colors much!!

I love working with beads, lampwork, metal, leather, ceramics, natural stones, and ya know come to think of it I havent worked with any polymer clay pieces yet!!

There are some photos of my work in a previous blog, I grow as an artist each day, recently I've begun hammering and handforging metals, thats alot of fun!!

I love having my imagination and creativity pushed , Im always up for a challenge, and I cant wait to meet you :)

Also as a side note to anyone reading this I've had requests to make a few video tutorials which is an honor because im fairly new to making clasps, ear wires, and paddle pins, and such but why not take you on the journey with me :)

So stay on the look out for videos coming up very soon

My next blogs coming up will be about A GUIDE TO BUYING HANDMADE AND WHAT NOT TO SAY OR DO!!!

I will have a featured artist coming up soon, as well as some more informative topics!!!!!

Thanks all