Friday, October 23, 2015

Woodland Magic- Artisan Component Marketplace

So about a month ago I entered a contest thru Artisan Component Marketplace for the Designer Kit giveaway. They chose one featured designer who gets to play with the components first this month that featured designer was Shaia Williams.

I entered the contest and as only four designers got chosen I really didn't think I'd get picked but amazingly enough I did. I recieved my kit a few days later. And was blown away completely by what was inside my kit. Me and three other artists received the same components and had to create using them. We were allowed to create one or several designs and we were allowed to incorporate other pieces.

I have enjoyed seeing all of the chosen designers pieces.

I must say that the contributors components were amazing.
First I want to thank Okawa African Beads for the gorgeous and brightly colored ceramic beads, and Dobzie Wood by Burl Girl for the amazingly gorgeous wood pendant it was an absolute pleasure to work with and a stunning piece. A special thank you to Kari Asbury friend and fellow artist for the gorgeous purple sari silk and roll chain,  they added such an amazing texture to the design. Thank you also for alowing us this opportunity to use these components in a design, it truly was an honor.

So for my design I really wanted to keep the wood pendant the main focal, it was a perfect focal to set off the amazingly bright colors of the ceramic beads, I added lampwork beads by Kristin Louthan,  Cindy Bos,  and an uknnown artist. I used a gorgeous glass teal donut, antique copper wire and copper wire. I really love this design and immediately it's name was Woodland Magic. It's a perfect length and it's very lightweight. A bold colored statement that reflects me as an artist :)
I hope you have enjoyed this blog, please visit Artisan Component Marketplace group on Facebook and tell them The Beadwench sent ya ;)