Friday, November 13, 2015


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A few months back I joined up for a blog hop called "Superstitions" hosted by the incredibly talented Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard. Tammy created 13 lucky black cat polymer clay beads to go to the first 13 lucky designers to sign up. I was one of the lucky 13!!

Our challenge was not only to create using the black cat bead but to also design something based on any "Superstitions" world wide and within any myth or legend...

So I've researched quite a few "SUPERSTITIONS" that were spoken about during my childhood and decided on using two of those memories as my challenge pieces.

You see my home growing up you could say was multi religious my mom is Christian,  and while we always attended church and learned of god, my sister, brother and I found our own spiritual path with the guidance of our mom. As we were raised to always be who we are and take comfort in finding something to believe in as long as we believed it whole heartedly and it didn't harm ourselves or anyone else. This in turn led to a Christian brother who also follows the ways of the Native American Indians. My sister and I followed the pagan path. We are both Wiccan but also both have our own spiritual journey.  I don't tend to speak alot about my beliefs and it's most definitely not because I'm ashamed nor afraid. I am very comfortable with who I am and what I believe in. It's been a long traveled road with many questions and lessons along the way. I don't often speak about it because to be quite frank there is alot of ignorance and lack of knowledge, and so while I do my best to answer questions and assure people that I am not a devil worshipper, or a crazed lunatic , and that in fact it's one of the most peaceful religions in the world and as old as time itself , I reserve my energies with such discussions with people who respect me and my chosen path as I respect them and theirs.

So this challenge really opened some doors for me and I've even amazed myself. Most Wiccans don't believe in superstitions as we mainly believe each instance that occurs is fate. 13 happens to be a very powerful and magical number and black cats extremely lucky creatures , it's also true that Wiccans refer to themselves as witches because of the way we "pray" which is more like a ritual to our goddess and our god. And we all know that most witches are associated with a "familiar" or "spirit animal" and some call them "totems" and mostly those familiars are cats and owls. Many others also such as the bear, the wolf, the otter, and many types of birds etc.

Yes bare with me here lol...

So I wasn't quite sure how to create with my adorable black cat pendant, he has sat with me on my bead board while I created for countless hours for shows, and what not. And still my creative mind could not quite figure him out yes it is a "he" and his name is Dax!! However last night Dax said he was ready to be made, and my muse agreed it was time. And so Dax was created using a lamp work bead, a Swarovski crystal, larvikite beads, natural black spotted feldspar, opalite, and black obsidian. I used a very gorgeous deep reddish brown 20 gauge dyed copper wire. So while Dax didn't become one of my more complex statement pieces he became exactly what he was meant to be.

Next I chose a Rowan Tree, thru out history and time, lands , and countries trees have been a source for many religious beliefs,  they were used to carve wooden bowls for scrying, as well as figurines, crosses, wands, and a number of tools used in many cultures. The Rowan tree was sought after for its berries also. Many assumed the Rowan tree brought evil curses because it is said if you cut the Rowan tree you would be able to see into another dimension or into the underworld, so it began that people would burn and destroy these sacred trees out of fear. The Rowan in ancient Ireland and Scotland was revered rather than feared. It was known well for its aide in protection against evil, for its magical properties of wealth and knowlege.  For this design I used a gorgeous lampwork pendant made by Julie Karnos, and coordinating lampwork beads by Kristin Louthan,  I used copper wire made by me.

My final design sparked from my love of the moon. I myself have always been enamored of the moon. To me it is peaceful, a time when  I can reflect, and seek guidance. However there are many "Superstitions" that surround the moon. One we all know quite well is "The Man In The Moon" because it appears there is a face on the moon. Or all the crazies come out during the full moon , also many babies are born during the full moon, many bad things also supposedly happen during a full moon, or the Blood Moon which is a harvest moon .... There were so many superstitions surrounding the moon that you would actually have to research them all or we would be here for a month lol. For this design which I call "MOON LOVE" I have paired a gorgeous polymer clay moon pendant and moon rock bead by the amazingly talented Staci Louise of Staci Louise Originals, a gorgeous lampwork bead by 2 Bead Sisters, lampwork beads by Cindy Bos, Czech fire polished beads, and I used antique copper wire to enhance the look. Now this piece has found a loving new home but she still likes to show off. The moon apparently is very sassy and demands she is a queen. She also likes to argue. She has an amazing shimmer which she loves to share :)

Now I wanted to add in a small story here....

Today while I was finishing a portion of the chain used for Dax , I had a knock at the door, I put the chain down, went to the door it was my postman with a package I took it thanked him and returned to my work table, and low and behold the chain was missing as in was on the bead board and then gone. I knew I had it, and started looking for it under stuff, in stuff, my clothes, shoes , retraced my steps from the table to the door about five times , I even looked outside and in the mailbox, I had to laugh I mean full out my ribs hurt and I had tears running kind of laughing, it is after all Friday the 13th!!!

Now obviously I found the chain low and behold it somehow managed to return back to my bead I've come to a conclusion I either we have a mischievous ghost in my home which truly wouldn't surprise me and yes I fully believe in ghosts or my cat who happens to be named Samhain  which is a pagan holiday which falls on Halloween and is a tortoiseshell cat ,meaning black, orange and a cream color, is either very fresh today or very smart and now likes to play tricks...

Needless to say it's been an eventful day, and all because of this!!!

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  1. Wonderful story about how you and your siblings found your spiritual paths. Your design with the black cat bead is fabulous. It looks very much like a totem. The moon necklace is also gorgeous. You showcased Staci's moon well. The rowan tree is my favorite, both for the colors and the lore. My first "familiar" was a small ferret I named Rowan. She was wise and helped me through some challenging times. Thanks so much for joining the hop. I'm glad that mischievous spirit or fresh feline returned your chain in time.

  2. Love your Friday 13th story, also interesting about the Rowan tree. Neat challenge, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Love your yummy goodies! So great that they have all that meaning too

  3. Beautiful designs! Love all the story and background you shared too. Really beautiful representations of the pagan paths.

  4. Three really lovely necklaces! I love the stories behind them as well. The elements you've chosen for each one are really just perfect.

  5. Very cool designs, and some awesome info. that moon one is amazing!

  6. Beautiful necklaces, all of them! I agree that the Wiccan religion is very peaceful, my mom studied it. As for your ghost, he sounds a bit mischevious! I didn't name my lucky kitty. Now I think I should!

  7. I love all of your designs as well as your back stories. I have to tell you that your comments about the missing chain ring true in my studio and my bedroom. The same thing happens to me all the time and I do believe that my 2 lovebirds (RIP) have never left me. They would love to play with my tools and beads and chain and even when I haven't moved away from my bead board but have looked away from it items are missing. I know that they are here. Once I mention that I want the missing items back they reappear in the exact spot they were in!

  8. I love the backstory of how you found your spiritual path and thank you for sharing that. I also love the explanation of each piece. I love how Dax turned out - love the color combination! You other two pieces are gorgeous!