Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hi everyone!! I apologize for the delay I've been delayed making the video of annealing and drilling holes... that will eventually come soon and I'll post a link for it. In the mean time we have a WINNER!!!!
By a landslide lol
# 1 was chosen for holes! !! 

Wahoo. You all are rocking as jewelry designers. .... now there is so much fun we can have with this. This segment will begin more of the design aspect as to what we will add to it. I'm waiting still on mail to come that I had a few ideas to throw your way and vote for however it's not here yet :(
So in the meantime let's talk colors....
What colors would you like to see in this design
1. A mixture of colors meaning any and everything lol
2. Blues, greens, reds only
3. Pinks, purples, blues only
4. Only one solid color
5. Oranges, blues, golds
You have til Tuesday to decide since this blog is a day late....
Have fun and if any other color choices or combos come to mind please don't hesitate to tell me in the comments.... remember it's YOUR TIME TO DESIGN!!!!

here are some color photos for you to look at , i find visuals very inspiring :) enjoy



  1. I would like to see #1, a mixture of all colors. ~Karri

  2. oranges, blues, golds! Would look great with the copper.

  3. I LOVE the raku like colors of the diamond design photo!

  4. Love the last one....Cori

  5. Voting is now Closed for this segment... to find which color scheme won please look for part 4!! thanks everyone