Saturday, May 7, 2016


Wow... this has been so much fun since  the start of this idea in my head. I thank all of you who are joining in and voting. It truly is fun to see you all really looking over the choices and asking questions when needed. I loved all of the color palette choices.

And your winner is.........

Pinks, blues, and purples...... !!!!! well done everyone... this color palette will indeed be a challenge for me, while i love all color and have used these colors I never put these colors together... so this should be quite interesting......


Okay so now that we have :

1. Chosen the direction of the blanks
2. Chosen where the holes will be
3. Chosen an amazing color pallette

We now move into....


There are so many things that can be used for texture... for example..
a Ball Pien Hammer, nail heads, metal stamps, scribes, and so many more... so here are your next round of choices to vote for :)

#1  No Texture

#2 Dimpling ( a process of hammering using the ball side of a ball Pien hammer that is textured) (photo was found on a google search and is not my work and I'm unable to credit the artist)

#3 Using a Nail head ( this process would use a contractor nail and the nail head would be hit on its side to create texture)

#4 Using a Scribe tool (this tool has a pointed end and create deep small hole impressions or a scratch texture

#5 Metal Stamping (either with a word or saying)

Voting will now be open from Saturdays until Friday at midnight EDT !!!

Happy voting!!!!!!