Wednesday, May 18, 2016


First I wanted to apologize for the lateness of this blog post. It's been a whirlwind of happenings here at home. I have a daughter who is a competitive Irish Dancer who was out for 2 weeks due to a pulled groin muscle, my oldest daughter getting ready to graduate 8th grade, a wedding to dress a family of 5 for, I also had to finish three design challenge pieces, a secret project, three Irish dance events and well you get the point I've been crazy busy, also its been dreary , rainy weather here and I've been unable to take photos.
 I was also waiting on a package to arrive. And this fifth segment wasn't easy as I wanted to challenge you all by giving you some different things to chose from that are sort of off the normal path which as many if you know is where my best thinking comes from... I'm always outside the box in thought and wanted to give you things to really consider....

So without further adoo... your winning vote for Texture was.....

Wahooo... congrats... what an amazing texture for sure....

Now we move onto choosing components to add into the final design. 
I've given you many choices here.. My friend and fellow artist Eleanor (Nellie) Thomas creator & owner of Wooly Wire.... has graciously donated some of her amazing Chiffon Ribbon and some freaking out of this world Wooly Wire in blue, pink, and purple which are the colors you voted for to be used in the final design. for more information on Wooly Wire or to visit her Etsy Shop please go LIKE her facebook page and let her know The BeachWench sent ya!!!

So here are your choices::

As always please leave your vote here in the comments section. If your unable to comment on my blog post please feel free to send me an email at Subject: YTD5