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Innovative Beads Spring Expo 4/2017 My PRE POST


It's been awhile friends... Life has once again happened and I have once again become a bad and neglectful parent to my Beadwench Blogs!!!

So let's kick this off with some exciting news!!! Today I'm going to talk to you about the Innovative Beads Spring Expo coming to The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks PA April 7th, 8th , & 9th!! That's literally only 12 days away!!!

So The Beadwench has never been to an Innovative Beads Expo before!! So this year I have the amazing opportunity to get a PRESS BADGE!! Fancy right!!! What does this mean?? Well it means the delightful and amazingly awesome Seritha (who's name I'm more than likely spelling wrong) who runs this amazing expo has allowed me The Beadwench to attend the EXPO and BROADCAST LIVE FROM THE EXPO TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!! So not only will I be getting a first hand experience many of you will be able to take a tour with me!!! So I do hope you'll join me Saturday April 8th 2017 starting at 11:00am... while we tour the Innovative Bead Expo together and you can get an inside look.

This show is by far their largest Innovative Beads Expo yet!! The do have regional shows nearly each weekend in many different areas. For more information or to see if they are in an area closer to you please visit  for more up to date information!!
There are amazing classes being offered as well... Please check the website for more information on what types of classes, teachers, and class prices!!!

I know form my travels each year to Beadfest and other bead events that the #1 concern for those not local is whether or not an EXPO is worth the travel time & costs... So I'm going to shop on a budget myself and see how it goes!!!

I am so excited to be able to take part in this exciting event.. Let me just say that there will be door prize giveaways each day of the 3 day event and every hour!!!! WHAT!!!!!!! Yes you heard me right!! This information is directly from their website

How amazing is that!!!

Not only will there be door prizes every hour on the hour but be sure to stop by and check out the DESIGNERS DUG OUT!! I see many familiar  names on that list!!!! I also know I'll be stopping in the Designer's Dug Out to do some free demos as well myself!!1
There is an amazing list of freaking amazing exhibitors... TOO name a few of my favorites:

2 Bead Sisters
Marsha Neal Studio
Africa Gems
Metalliferous Inc
Kabela Designs
Priscilla Marban
Cherry Tree Beads
Clasp On Clasp Off
Jennie Davies Reazor

Just too name a few and so many more!!!

This event is not as large as some bead shows but this is the LARGEST event for Innovative Beads Expo. Their regional shows are smaller more intimate events, perfect for those that get overwhelmed or have trouble with their legs etc..  Each Expo is jam-packed with amazing exhibitors that bring you top quality beading and jewelry supplies!!!

The Innovative Bead expo is open to wholesalers and retail shoppers... As always here are some helpful tips to know before heading to the Innovative Bead Expo..

1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing!!
2.  Hand sanitizer if your BFF!! You'll be touching lots n lots of beads so keep your hands clean!!
3. Bring a bottle of water and a light snack such as a protein bar, small bag of pretzels etc As long as it's light to carry..
4.  Either a comfortable shoulder tote, backpack, or small roller bag for storing your goodies!!
5. Cash & Debit/Credit Cards, Photo ID, Wholesale License/Tax forms etc
6. Tylenol!! Believe it or not often times the noise from the crowd, the lighting, and the adrenaline rush you will experience can often lead to headaches (minor ones) or for general aches from your knees etc!! It happens mot of us are older ya know!!
7. Small notebook/post it notes3x5 cards etc & a writing implement!! More times than not I find some amazing gemstone that isn't tagged and I can't recall the name of months later when I'm using it in a design!! So I've been writing it down and adding it to the bag the item is in so I know what the name/price/vendor of the item is . This isn't something everyone does but if your like me you'll want to bring these items :)
8. Your amazing smile, sense of adventure, and your imagination and creativity!!
9. Last but NOT  least general admission is $4.00 at the door.. Pay via their website and save some money :)

This is an event where you can let your inhibitions run wild!!! (okay we don't want to see anyone running the isles in the buff so please let's not get THAT wild!!!) Get out, meet some other amazing artists, & try something new!!!

Have an open mind, there are NO I CAN'Ts only CAN DO's !!!! There are NO RULES in jewelry... Get as creative and wild as you please... Mix up some mediums and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

If your attending this event please feel free to find The Beadwench aka ME!! and come say hello, let's take a picture for my POST EXPO BLOG, I love to meet new people especially those that I chat with often on social media!!!

If your not In my FACEBOOK group The Beadwench's Bench please go join HERE so you can join me LIVE :

Until then " Be Fierce in Your Authenticity" _ The Beadwench!!!!!

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