Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Traveling Beadwench

Who is ready to join me the Beadwench on an adventure of epic proportions??
This crazy expedition will be sort of like a "Flat Stanley" project. Except The Traveling Beadwenches mission is to travel all over the United States to different artists. While visiting, participating artists will be required to feed the Beadwench with knowledge of their particular craft, show her around their area if they can, The Beadwench as you all know is a fun, loving, adventure seeker, so the crazier the better :)

To Participate in this awesome event THE TRAVELING BEADWENCH here are just a few rules to keep in mind:

-Shipping is required to send to the next person in line.. All participants must pay 3.00 for First Class US shipping to me the Beadwenchh via Paypal or Square. Shipping fees must be paid in full 48 hours before your she is due to leave her current location. I will then send the shipping fee off to the artist who currently has her... Currently open only to residents of the USA... however if your international and want to pay the shipping fee please send me an email and we can work it out!!!

- You may only keep the Beadwench for 3 days, more if there is a special place you want her to visit before sending her off to her next destination... please email me to make arrangements for more than 3 day visit..

- You must email me either during the stay or after with your  "travel journal" and lots of pictures

- The Beadwench is pretty laid back, she loves to cook and enjoys new recipes, hanging out with friends and family, meeting new people, dancing, shenanigans, and creating art... really anything

- Most importantly The Traveling Beadwench wants to introduce  you the world at large, so be sure to have her help with an art project of any kind and journal log it and take pics.... Let her get to know you as an artist... ( feel free to send any trinkets or goodies back to her home location if you would like to, its not required but some people like to send mementos, so email me for my shipping address if you need it)

- Take lots of photos, we love photos :)
- Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!

If you think you'd like to join  in and have the Beadwench visit please email me directly at
subject line: The Traveling Beadwench Sign up

So who is crazy enough to show the Beadwench a good time??????

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