Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Beadwenchs Designs :)

So as requested here are just some of my designs some are new and available for sale and some are older designs that have found their homes

My designs all have a piece of my heart and soul in them, they each tell a story and represent an emotion or feeling that i've had or may still have.

Art in itself is a beautiful and wonderous thing it can open your eyes to an entirely new world, it can find in you emotions, it can make you smile, laugh, and sometimes even cry, art can bring back a memory you hold dear . Art in any form yes even the odd art is beautiful just knowing that a person just like you and I have made something using their hands their heart and their soul well you can appreciate that in its glory. There is a passion in art there is a reality in its creativeness and in its process.  Next time you see something even if its not your "thing" take a step outside of the box for just a moment and ask yourself what does that art say to you? The best feeling in the world as an artist and for me as a jewelry designer is in asking the creator what inspired their piece? What emotion did they feel? What story does their art tell? Its amazing the answers you get it truly does make you look at life just a bit differently. It also introduces you to some amazing people i cant even begin to tell you what this journey has brought to my life. Its an amazing learning curve, but in all honesty its the people wether a fellow artist or someone who has just stopped by to chat, that to me is an amazing gift all brought to me because we all have a common bond yep you got it its ART!!

To see more of my work feel free to visit me anytime

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