Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blu Mudd Design Team Victorian Challenge Contest VOTERS NEEDED

Hi All,
So I am a part of this amazing design team called The Blu Mudd Design Team headed by the lovely and talented ceramic artist Moriah Betterly. Each month Moriah creates a kit with her choice of components and each team member that wants to participate gets a kit. This challenge was Victorian black and white using a silhouette pendant , a flower connector, and three scroll beads. Each artist on the team is amazing. We all worked hard on this challenge. One of my all time favorite jewelry themes is the Victorian, Gothic, and Steampunk. It's my niche an so when this challenge was presented to me I was like hmm what I can do to make this a challenge a challenge and to push me further than what I have done with this theme so far? I added copper metal into my design which adds texture and depth and a steampunkish look but doesnt take away from the softness of the ceramic pieces nor the black an white czech crystals I used. I also had an artist friend make me a hand forged copper toggle clasp which ads to the piece itself.

Please if your reading this post stop by an vote yes my entry is in there and I appreciate each vote however I am asking you to vote for those pieces that you like.

Before I post the link Moriah Betterlys amazing ceramic pieces incluing ornaments, mugs, jewelry components an much more can be found at www.blumudd.com

My artist friend Heidi Aherns Williams who made the hand forged copper toggle clasp I used in my design can be found here  https://www.facebook.com/AztecaDesignsBoutique

You can see my entry and many more by visiting here


thank you everyone!!!

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