Saturday, January 24, 2015

HAVE YOU HEARD??? The BUILD A LINE challenge is off to a start

Have you heard of the Build A Line Challenge??
Each participant creates their own jewelry line over a three month period. Im excited to see their journies progress. This is a great oppurtunity to check out some amazing artists and to read about the Build a Line challenge. This is for the MASTERS !! Also a great learning experience for all even if your only reading.
Learn more about this amazing challenge here: (sorry you will have to copy and paste)


  1. Hi Betony! I didn't realize you blogged but since you held out the invitation on GTP2, I thought I'd check it out :) How have you been enjoying Blogland? I HAVE heard of BAL but haven't followed that closely yet (probably cause I'm not that far in my design journey LOL) I will be taking part in an awesome blog hop tomorrow called Grow Your Blog (not just jewelry related, but hundreds of bloggers take part). Drop by and check it out if you like, you'll probably see some folks you know and maybe meet some new ones :) I'm going to your blog to my Bloglovin feed :)

  2. Ooops, that should read I' m going to ADD your blog LOL

  3. Hi Monique!!! Thank you for coming to visit!! I am so far really enjoying Blogland though I do have ALOT to learn still lol. Grow your Blog sounds very interesting!!! I am using bloglovin as well but learning how to use it lol Im a noob!! haha