Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bead Peeps Hop and Swap

Hello everyone sorry it has been awhile since I have blogged. Life has happened :)
So I recently joined a great group on facebook called Bead Peeps. A very cool group with great information and such. They are currently doing a Hop n Swap. Im partnered up with another artist we send each other cool artisan made components and create using what pieces we get. This year I am joining in the fun. Its pretty awesome getting to push our creativity and also to meet amazing people along the way.

I havent been assigned a partner as of my writing this yet but here are a few things they may want to know about me :)

I love working with lampwork and copper. Copper is my go to metal for just about everything I dont know why other than I like how it looks.
I usually work with a huge color pallette colors I normally dont work with just because I havent much yet are yellows, pinks, oranges, lol citrus colors no reason why I havent just havent crossed those colors much!!

I love working with beads, lampwork, metal, leather, ceramics, natural stones, and ya know come to think of it I havent worked with any polymer clay pieces yet!!

There are some photos of my work in a previous blog, I grow as an artist each day, recently I've begun hammering and handforging metals, thats alot of fun!!

I love having my imagination and creativity pushed , Im always up for a challenge, and I cant wait to meet you :)

Also as a side note to anyone reading this I've had requests to make a few video tutorials which is an honor because im fairly new to making clasps, ear wires, and paddle pins, and such but why not take you on the journey with me :)

So stay on the look out for videos coming up very soon

My next blogs coming up will be about A GUIDE TO BUYING HANDMADE AND WHAT NOT TO SAY OR DO!!!

I will have a featured artist coming up soon, as well as some more informative topics!!!!!

Thanks all


  1. Sounds good Betony. Always a journey! Look forward to your videos :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of your design journey! Really enjoying hopping around to meet everyone while we wait for our pairings.