Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some Random Thoughts for today

Life is in fact short. Do you . Laugh lots. Dance often. LOVE hard. Color the world.

A friend said this quote to me and I love it " Blessed are the cracks for they let in the light" thats deep !!

My favorite quotes from the Cheshire cat :
"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there"

"We are all mad here"

I love those!!

Also going thru my mind today,
Im part of a lot of groups on fb and omg I cant believe the hate and ignorance that goes on! This im relating to jewelry but you can use it in life as well ready here goes:

Always be kind to one another, you never know what goes on inside and how your words or actions cut to the deepest parts of a soul, they hurt!!

Everyone starts somewhere!! Be supporting, be thoughtful, teach, advise, instruct, and learn!!

Empower one another!!

There is no right or wrong! Art is art!! Its a release of ones heart and soul!!  I know everyone has likes and dislikes however there is no need to be harsh if you want to leave a critique than leave constructive critism!!!

Alot of you have asked what groups I belong to and holy moly there are many buy I will name a few

I'll start with the ones I help moderate remember these are on facebook you can type the names into your fb search bar!!!

Gone To Pieces Budget Lampwork group- we have an awesome mod squad and we aint afraid to show it :)
If your a lampwork artist or an artist interested in lampwork this is a budget friendly group pieces are on auction listings all under $25.00

The Frazzled Clay Artisans Group-

I started this group recently so that clay artists have a group to list items in an auction format it is still growing but we have some amazing artists, clay can be metal, polymer, porcelain, ceramic etc any kind of clay!!!

You can also see me frequent these awesome groups:

Bead Chat (hosted by aunties beads)

Creative Bead Chat

Aspiring Metalsmiths

Lampwork Bead Addicts

Artisan Designer Jewelry Buy and sell

The Jewelry Box

Elite Artisan Showcase

Jewelry Designers Open Market

Bead Peeps

Thats just to name a few!!

Upcoming blogs

The Coffee Corner- a weekly blog that will feature a new artist each week

A Buyers Guide to buying handmade and things NOT to do- Well you'll just have to wait for it

Tutorials- so I have been asked by several people to do a few video tutorials on different things, these will be basics for beginner and intermediate level artist's , so stay tuned

Product reviews, store reviews, and whatever else strikes my fancy!!!

Have a question? Have a thought? Anything on your mind? A topic you'd like me to blog about? Let me know by leaving a comment below!!!!

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