Wednesday, August 26, 2015

18th Blogger/Nonblogger Challenge "Pachyderms on Parade"

This is the first up of three blog hop challenges I have signed up for. This challenge is the 18th challenge but, a first for me!!! The theme for this challenge is:

Pachyderms On Parade

Our inspiration for this challenge. I love Elephants in general and to see them dressed up and painted was absolutely incredible. Such vibrant colors used to create a unique look for each pachyderm, as well as the exotic And beautiful vibrancy in the fabric coloring, the entire look is just simply fascinating. I knew right away I wanted to challenge myself as an artist and chose mediums I haven't really worked with before. So with that thought in mind I knew I wanted some bright fabrics, and a stand out focal with some texture. I did pick up some AMAZING  items to work with. I have an idea in my head so let's hope it comes to life!!!

The reveal for this Challenge is September 5th 2015 right here on my blog. I'll also keep you posted on the other artists blog info so you can leisurely see what each of us has interpreted for this theme. I absolutely love seei ng jewelry be pushed to its limits and brought to life.

I am as I write this looking over the materials I gathered to use and I'm am so excited. This is all new material for me as I'm used to working with wire, gemstones, and lampwork.

Here is is a "teaser" photo and some of the amazing photos we used for inspiration.

Let's see who can guess what type of materials I'll be using :)

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