Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beadwench Happenings!!!

I can not believe it is already January 22nd!!! Where has the New Year gone?

So with the New Year some changes have been made as well. As many of you may or may not be aware I am no longer an admin in any Facebook groups... okay one for the SRAJD Destash group but that's it. I took a retirement from it all, and decided it's time to pursue my dreams, reach some goals, have less stress, complications, and more time to create, learn, and grow.

I no longer post on the Maiden Designs Studio Facebook page, as Facebook likes to hide posts from anyone seeing them unless we pay for boosting which I and many others refuse to do.

My main Facebook page is where you can find me , my ramblings, designs for sale, show information when I have one going on, my LIVE broadcasts will be coming back soon, loaded with fun tutorials and some give aways... 

I just submitted 5 class proposals to teach classes at BEADFEST Oaks PA 2017 and am anxiously awaiting to hear back once they have their decisions. It's so exciting, and even if I don't get accepted I'm okay with it. I didn't have much time to prepare and three of those five were last minute things so we shall see what happens, there is always next year.

Now comes some  fun  stuff. I have joined up for the BEAD PEEPS 3rd Annual HOP N SWAP hosted by Linda Anderson. This year has an incredible turn out. If you would like to follow this fun filled swap n hop please be sure to head over to and join the group. Alot of amazing artists are aired together, there are some fun new twists, and surprises.
With that being said this blog post will be used for me to answer some questions so that I can be paired with another artist so here goes...

1. My favorite things to work with are wire mostly copper, metal sheet, metal blanks, artisan beads, or components, chain, anything odd. I love a challenge, I love bold color pallets, I'm a mixed media queen and love that area.

2. My least favorite things are seed beads, acrylic, plastic, glass beads and the like.

Now for my new partner here is just some info you should know about  me....

Hi I'm Betony Maiden of Maiden Designs Studio aka The Beadwench.

I've been creating jewelry for 10 years, I'm a mom to 3 kids, 2 furbabies, a wife of 16 years. I've been an admin in over 20 jewelry groups, I love to have fun, I'm sarcastic, sassy, sweet, fun loving, down to earth, and am very passionate about my work and the people in the jewelry community.  I have a ton of blogs that you can learn more about me in, as well as my personal Facebook page. Let's see I've been featured in many blogs over the years, a few publications, I'm registered nationally with the SRAJD : self representing artist in jewelry design.. proud member #3896!!!

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