Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Beadwenches Presents......

So who here enjoy's Facebook?? Well among my busy day to day life just like many other's,  I am on Facebook quite often. Being a jewelry artist and part of an amazing online comunity of other artists, as well as running a business, online shows, and general catch up with friends and family. Amongst all the updates, memes, pictures,  and news... there is a new world that Facebook has given to us....


FACEBOOK LIVE was originally intended to only be used by celebrities, popular speakers, etc. However it gained so much popularity that it opened the door for so many people. Myself included... the days before FB LIVE I used to have to prerecord videos, then post them to youtube, share them on my FB page, and then answer questions one by one...

With FB LIVE it makes it so much easier to be able to show LIVE tutorials, as well as watch other FB LIVE broadcasts... and believe me there are soooooo many....

I've decided to compile a list of my favorite Facebook LIVE broadcasts. These can be watched anytime even  if your unable to watch while it's LIVE, you can go back later and watch it!!!

So without further ado here are my favorites so far...

1. Candie Copper- Candie is a jewelry designer and crafter, she is the author of various printed jewelry books. She has taught classes for many years all over the world. Currently she can be found LIVE each day @ 2:00pm EDT.
Her LIVES are perfect for beginner jewelry artist as she shows you many amazing techniques, in a fun fresh style. She can often be found using amazing beads, and components from her sponsors such as Jesse James Beads, Beadalon, Leather Cord USA, Sizzix and many more...
I've had the pleasure to both meet Candie and take one of her classes this past year at Beadfest in Oaks PA.
Her Facebook LIVES are a must see, she is super sweet, and hilarious to boot. You won't want to miss her fun filled, jewelry design packed LIVE shows

You can find her on Facebook @

2. Brenda Schweder- Brenda of Brenda Schweder Jewelry , goddess ,and creator of the NOW THAT'S A JIG & NOW THAT'S A PLIER is an amazing jewelry artist, Brenda has been to various bead and trade shows, as well as TV appearences, she is an author, teacher, and columnist. Brenda is also an amazing friend :) Her NOW THAT'S A JIG is an amazing tool for jewelry designers and her FB LIVE teaches you how to use it, new designs, and techniques. I own a NTAJ and it's the best investment I've ever made. Her LIVES are full of so much fun because Brenda is so much fun you just never know what she will do. She inspires everyone who watches. If your a wire wrangler, or someone interested in working with wire and incorporating other types of items, then you definitely want to check her out. .. She also shows many wonderful tips, tricks, and techniques on everything you need to know about working with wire.

Her FB LIVE is usually on different days and times. Please head over to her Facebook page to follow along I promise you won't regret it.

Her link is

3. Judy Menting- Judy is a self proclaimed jewelry artist with an amazing eye for design. She is designer of the DANCING TEACUP ALPHABET, used with the Now That's A Jig, Judy is an intelligent, sweet, funny, woman who captures our attention with her eye for detail and really teaches you how to use the NTAJ... she is currently teaching how to create different style earwires on the jig.

You can  catch her Facebook LIVE daily @4:00pm CST at

4. Heather Powers of Humblebeads- I can't even begin to describe this fun, passionate woman, Heather is the owner of Humblebeads, an amazing artist, author, and teacher. Each Wednesday she does BEAD TABLE WEDNESDAY where you can get up close and personal with her amazing designs that any level of jewelry artist can accomplish.  Heather is known widely for her Polymer clay beads, and I can definitely say they are amazingly beautiful.... Heather is the brain behind the ART BEAD SCENE as well, they have monthly color challenges,  she recently had a MUFFIN TIN CHALLENGE... Heather is the author of some incredibly amazing books that sell out fast. She hosts an annual BEAD CRUISE, her FB LIVES will show you so many types of techniques, styles, and tips.

You can catch her here every Wednesday @ 2:00pm EDT

5. BEADSHOP.COM- I can usually find Kate Ferrant Richbourg teaming up with this crew. has a mission statement to guide you to create unique jewelry, a personal learning and shopping experience, an experience that gives beaded at every skill level the confidence and knowledge to create sundance-imspired jewelry (taken direct from their FB page) Their FB LIVES are perfect for all levels of jewelry designers. Fun filled and jam packed with amazing info...

You can find BEADSHOP.COM FB LIVES Wednesdays at 10:30am PST please visit

Here are a few non jewelry related Facebook LIVE broadcasts that I like to watch for various reasons, but you can check them out at your leisure :)

Spaceships and Laserbeams- I generally catch the cooking LIVEs here, which are fully , especially if your a parent :) the LIVES are here n there but the page is full of awesome things

Life As A Rambling Red Head- this woman is simply freaking hilarious, however her LIVES are fun because she is spontaneous so I never know what she is gonna do, you can find fun , and humor here that are daily life of woman, mothers, and wives :)


Cat & Nat- These Canadian mom's are totally fun and crazy..  their FB LIVES are totally hilarious, these mom's have just grabbed what real parenting is like at every moment. You won't be dissapointed...


And that my fellow friends concludes this segment of THE BEADWENCH.... please feel free to comment below and leave links to your favorite FACEBOOK LIVE broadcasts!!!

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